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Android tablets gain ground with 10.5 million sales in Q4 2011

Apple sells a lot of iPads - their recent financial disclosing leave no doubt about it. But looming behind the Cupertino giant is the specter of Android, ready to take over the tablet world as it already has the smartphone one. While Apple shipped more than 15 million iPads worldwide in the last three months of 2011, Android tablet shipments rose to 10.5 million, giving the two platforms a 57.6% and 39.1% share of the tablet market, respectively. Compared the the same quarter in 2010, Apple's market share dropped my more than 10 points while Android's rose by almost exactly the same amount. The latest numbers are according to Strategy Analytics.

ZTE V9A–Light Tab 2 heads to Clove in February

By all accounts cheap electronics are thin on the ground in the UK, and the XOOM or Transformer that costs $500 here could cost the equivalent of around $750 across the pond. That being the case, UK residents might be interested in the latest offering from budget manufacturer ZTE. The V9A–Light Tab 2, in addition to having a catchy name, has a price tag of just £234.99 including VAT according to retailer Clove. That's about $365 in USD. The tablet should be available in late February.

Samsung hints at S-Pen stylus for tablets

Samsung's Galaxy Note is a surprise hit, due in no small part to its gigantic high-def Super AMOLED screen. But the company has always been bullish on the included stylus, which they refer to as the "S-Pen", as a method of interaction and content creation. In an interview with Laptop Magazine, Samsung marketing manager Ryan Bidan indicated that they're exploring options for bringing the active stylus technology to larger screens, presumably future models in the Galaxy Tab family.

US tablet ownership almost doubles over the holidays

Tablets were the hot ticket item during the holiday season in the United States, and according to the Pew Research Center, the demand drove adoption to impressive new heights. The respected firm said today that US ownership of tablets jumped to 19% after Christmas, almost doubling the pre-December figure of 10%. The numbers  reflect adults only, but Pew also reported that e-readers had the same near 50% gain while being tabulated separately. While no specific model information was available, cheap tablets and e-readers from the competing Amazon and Barnes & Noble are thought to account for most of the increase.

Velocity Micro investigating ICS updates for Cruz tablets

Velocity Micro, like so many smaller manufacturers at the moment, is preparing at least two new Ice Cream Sandwich tablets for 2012. The company invited us to check out its latest wares at CES, and while the the Cruz T510 and Cruz T507 weren't ready for public display, we did manage to get some interesting information out of a VM product manager. The company is currently preparing Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades for its current Android tablets, the first 10 and 7-inch Cruz models.

Rockchip plans $100 ICS tablet reveal at CES

We've seen tablets claiming to be "$100" before, but this one might actually make good on that promise. Rockchip, an increasingly notable Chinese chip manufacturer, was the first to show off Ice Cream Sandwich running on tablet hardware way back in November. Now TabTimes reports that the company's hardware will be powering dozens of tablets at the Consumer Electronics Show,  including at least one that's slated for a rock-bottom MSRP of $100.

Intel subsidiary brings windowed apps to Android

Android, and basically all major mobile OS platforms, don't use a visible windowing system Like OSX, Linux and, uh, Windows. Most of the time that's because there just isn't enough space on a smartphone or tablet screen for more than one application at a time. Wind River, a branch on Intel, has found a way around that restriction, and may make true user window management on Android a reality soon.

Velocity Micro shows of Cruz T510 and T507 ICS tablets before CES

Velocity Micro has been working on the fringes of the Android tablet space for a while, but it looks looks like they're preparing a new line for 2012 with a bit more going for it. The company released new information on the Cruz Tablet T510 and Cruz Tablet T507, predictably 10 and 7-inch tablets. Essentially updated versions of its current tablets, the new models will be on display at CES next week.

Asus projects as many as 6 million tablet sales in 2012

The Eee Pad Transformer Prime is king of the hill for Android tablets at the moment, despite an embarrassing objection from an entirely different kind of robot. Now Asus CEO Jonney Shih, who revealed the tablet himself at a conference months ago, says the company expects to sell at least three and as many as six million tablets next year. Taiwan Economic News reports the quote, noting that a considerable number of Transformer Prime units are experiencing WiFi difficulties, though Asus has already begun a replacement program for affected customers.

Lenovo commits to Android tablets after Dell abandons the Streak

OK, Dell Streak fans, this is your chance to speak up. No one? OK. After Dell stopped selling the Streak 7 tablet, essentially giving up on the Android tablet scene in America, many believe that it's preparing to transition to Windows tablets. A new 10-inch Windows 7 slate is already coming, and Windows 8 tablets should be available in late 2012 or 2013. Dell didn't confirm any definite plans. But either way, Lenovo appears ready and willing to become the PC manufacturer with the greatest presence in the Android tablet world.
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