Android Tablets

Android Tablets Gaining on Apple Quickly

Strategy Analytics is reporting today that Android software has boosted its share in tablets almost 10x in the fourth quarter of 2010. Shipments of Android tablets went from 100,000 in the third quarter of 2010 to 2.1 million units, this to be contrasted with Apple's jump from 1.9 million tablets in quarter three to 7.3 million in quarter four, all of this in 2010. Android held 22 percent of the global market in tablets the fourth quarter of 2010, up from 2.3 percent the quarter before.

Galaxy Tab Locked Bootloader Unlocked with Patch Hack

Go go XDA powers, activate! If you'll take a trip down memory lane, or if you just happen to have a Samsung Galaxy Tab of your own and love to hack and play with your devices, you'll know that it would be a great mission for a developer to break the protected bootloaders in the Galaxy Tab's stock ROMs. Well lucky you, and lucky us, a fellow by the name of Chainfire has done just that, releasing today a patch that'll make sure you never get locked out of flashing your tablet again.

CherryPad 2 7-inch Android Tablet to have Capacitive Touch, GSM, Under $400

Last time we rapped about a CherryPad it was early October 2010, and it was another 7-inch Android 2.1 Android tablet and it cost $188. This time around it's going to be a 7-inch Android 2.2 (at least) tablet and it costs somewhere between $300 and $400. Mobile Magazine has just been handed these "unconfirmed" details for this brand new CherryPad, so take them with a grain of rice, but they certainly don't seem that far-fetched. Take a peek at this lovely little lady below.

Notion Ink Adam Begins Shipment Tomorrow, Pre-Pones February Shipments to January

Take a peek at this! To counter-act all the "Notion Ink Delayed again" headlines that've been going around the past week or so, the folks at Notion Ink have found a way to pre-pone (instead of postpone) their February shipments to the last week of January. That seems kinda neato. That in addition to the photos below and the news that the FCC and CE delayed batches will be going out tomorrow - all in all it's just totally a happy day over at Notion Ink in the factory and on the shipping floor!

Notion Ink Adam Displays Solaro Functionality

Rohan has just posted a video of some brand new workings on the Adam, particularly in the way of students working on the tablet. This video again is taken directly from Adam's direct HDMI output. Rohan reminds us of the canvas app, the office support, the calendar and email apps, and leads in to how one of the most important aspects of the tablet is Notion Ink's business partners.

Notion Ink Adam Clears FCC, Ships Wednesday

Check it out - Rohan has word that the FCC has cleared the Adam Android tablet, and will be posting that clearance today or Monday. This they say means they'll be able to start printing (labels?) Monday and start shipping on Wednesday. If you'd like to search for the tablet in the FCC you can search with NI3421A01 as the Product Code, Guarantee Code: Y2G and  0020356499 as FNR.

Android App Development Course Offered at New Jersey Institute of Technology

In a press release sent out today by NJIT, we've learned that there's what must be the most amazing class ever offered in the history of a University ever. The Android Operating System Application Development Course starts January 18, 2011, and is open to the public. It'll give you all the skills and tools you're going to certainly need to design and implement software using the Android 2.2 environment (so if you're in 2.3 or higher you're out of luck?) and all it costs is $1,050. Register by January 17th!
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