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Motorola XOOM [Silver Euro Edition] [Hands On and Demo]

We're at Mobile World Congress 2011 at the Motorola presentation and we've been given a very basic rundown of some of the features you'll see with the out-of-box build of Motorola XOOM's user interface. This tablet is of course the one Google worked most closely with as far as Android 3.0 Honeycomb goes, so what you see will for the most part be the most pure version of everything Honeycomb has to offer. NOTE: the tablet this presenter is showing us has clearly been on display for a couple of days, as the screens are filled with videos, widgets, and a ton of instances of the same Honeycomb clock. Very messy!

Adobe: Flash 10.2 coming to Android

Adobe announced at Mobile World Conference in Barcelona today that source code for Adobe Flash 10.2 has been released to tier one developers and should make it's way to Android smartphones and tablets within the next few weeks.  That's moving at a pretty fast pace considering that 10.2 had only been launched on Windows and Mac nearly at the same time.  Adobe representatives also said that Android smartphones and tablets using dual-core processors will see the greatest benefit including HD video at 30 frames per second.

Best Buy pulls preorder page for Motorola Xoom

Well, Best Buy let the cat out of the bag when they posted a preorder page for the Motorola Xoom  on their website yesterday.  And plenty of people not only noticed, but they also noticed the steep $1200 price tag, which everyone thinks it 50% higher than was expected.  Now the retailer has pulled the page after a collective lurch in the blogosphere over the super $1,000 pricetag.

Acer Iconia Tab A100 announced

Acer announced the Iconia Tab A100 at Mobile World Congress this week in Barcelona.  The  7" tablet will run Android 3 (Honeycomb), the OS built from the ground up to make tablet's really cook.  Additionally, the Iconia Tab is powered with Acer's "" multi media sharing system which allows for integration with other supported devices in the home.

Motorola XOOM Silver GSM Model Revealed by TBreak [VIDEO]

Our pals over at TBreak have got their hands on a brand spanking new model of the Motorola XOOM, the tablet all Android superfans are flipping their lids over because it's been made in close collaboration with Google's Android team to optimize it as much as possible for the also brand new Android 3.0 Honeycomb mobile operating system. TBreak team member Abbas Jaffar Ali (the guy doing the video) also mentions that he asked one of the Motorola reps if they had a 7" XOOM tablet in the works to which they replied "no comment."

Advent Vega Android Tablet Gets its Flash Player Back

Waaay back in December of 2010, the folks at Advent had a rather disturbing set of words to share, all of them adding up to the fact that they'd be pulling Flash Player 10.1 from their Vega tablets until further notice. Why? Because according to Advent, their tablets did “not exhibit the optimal performance that the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor is capable of running with certain Flash website content.” They went on to mention, back in December, that Flash Player would be restored by early 2011. That time is right the heck now, today!

BBC iPlayer coming to Android and iOS

As reported early today on SlashGear, it appears that America's appetite for the "Beeb" is not waning anytime soon as BBC has announced their iPlayer app will be coming soon to not only the iPad, but Android tablets tablets as well.  Last year, BBC launched their BBC News app to great success, and now, the Royal network plans to premiere their iPlayer as the next in a steady line of apps for British Television.

Pentel Airpen Mini will Change Your Android Life

Imagine a world where you can do with your Android device all the things you've been able to do on your desktop for years. That world is becoming a reality. First with the Atrix 4G working on a laptop interface, now a pen that when writing on any surface displays the written text on your phone - or of course, your Motorola XOOM tablet you'll be purchasing sometime later this year.
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