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HTC ThunderBolt 10/24 Pattern Tipped for Release Date

We've received a tip from a fellow by the name of JR who has apparently recently had a chat with a friend of the family who works at corporate for Verizon. While we're not always jumping at attention for tips from friends of friends, if you know what I mean, this one smells like peanut butter, looks like peanut butter, and you know what? We think it's pretty much obvious that this is peanut butter. But before we get to the actual pattern she (the Verizon rep) gave that leads to the correct date, let's talk about what else she said, the funny stuff.

HTC Flyer gets a million orders

HTC is flying high with it's new tablet. No, that's not a sad play on words, it's actually great news for Android handset company which has been reported to have secured over 1 million orders for it's HTC Flyer tablet computer. That's quite a feat considering that there's been no official announcement of pricing or even launch date on this smaller tablet (although we leaked pricing in Europe here and here) designed to go head to head with the iPad 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Analysts believe that the price for the Flyer will fall somewhere in between the Tab and the iPad 2, so a million orders is quite a feat.

Motorola Xoom users having a hard time with Verizon account activation

It seems that Verizon may be stuck in the dark ages when it comes to new customers activating their Motorola Xoom tablets. CDSmith over at Reddit shares his frustration at buying a new Xoom tablet and when trying to activate a new Verizon account in order to make payments and manage their accounts. The issue lies with not being able to activate a user account since Verizon sends the activation password either by SMS text message to a phone on the same account, or via snail mail. Being that the Xoom doesn't have a phone number, a user account can't be activated directly. And if new users don't have a Verizon phone on the same account, their only option is through snail mail, which is problematic since the temporary passwords are reportedly expiring before the users can receive the notification.

Samsung Galaxy Tab II gets the FCC approval

Samsung's followup to the Galaxy Tab has been approved by the FCC and is ready to hit the market. Dubbed the Galaxy Tab II, the new tablet was approved for wireless bands 802.11 a-n, Bluetooth, and GSM bands 850 and 1900. Also included in the approval were WCDMA bands II and V. All these bands are indications that the Tab II is set for US release through AT&T.


So you've rooted your Motorola XOOM and you're having an awesome time doing everything you've ever wanted to do on a giant screen. Then it hits you - a post saying that in order to grab yourself a [4G LTE upgrade from Verizon], you're gonna have to return that tablet back to stock. Oh noes! Your life would be ever so much more simple if you just had an easy-to-use file that'd essentially do it with a single click -- oh my goodness, that's what we've got right here.

New Tablet announcing at CTIA, hints of medical applications

CTIA Vice President Rob Mesirow has hinted that a new Android tablet will be announced at the annual wireless trade show. And though he wouldn't go into any detail as to who's making it or what the specs are, Mesirow did go on to talk about how tablets in general are changing Heath care thanks to what he calls "M-health" and that M-health news at CTIA this year. And as if hinting to one spec, Mesirow went on to state that a 7" tablet fits rather nicely in a lab coat.

Which tablet should I choose to buy? Don’t even bother looking at specs – or price for that matter.

Before I begin here, allow me to address the cost factor - when begin thinking about purchasing a tablet, you've got to weigh the cost of the tablet against the benefits of owning it. This is the same thing you really ought to be doing, in my humble opinion, whenever you decide you're going to buy a bit of technology, or a car, or a house, or whatever other item you're going to purchase for the benefits of owning it. On the other hand, if you're thinking of purchasing a tablet so you can use it for entertainment alone, you've got an ever-so-slightly different set of circumstances you're going to deal with - BUT, as I'll maintain through the entirety of this text, comparing one tablet to the other based on specifications is, as Erica Sadun puts it, "missing the point." You must go forth and buy the tablet you know, in your heart, if you will, will be the one you'll love the best.

NEC LT-W Dual-Screen Android Tablet [Hands-On Demo]

In Barcelona at World Mobile Congress 2011, the Android was strong, man. So many people are interested in Android, in all its forms, that you never knew what you might find in the stands running on Google's mobile OS. One of the more interesting items we found (more in theory than in practice) was the following dual-screen Android tablet presented by NEC. Operating with several apps, widgets, so forth all aimed directly at schools, this NEC LT-W tablet made sure that our hope for future generations of students making full use of the technology of the day was completely renewed.

Generosity Doth Not Go Unappreciated

You may have noticed that over the past few days, we've been sort of XOOM happy here on Android Community. We've posted everything from a [brand new unboxing and hands-on post] to a [smooth guide] on some of the new amazing games you'll be able to run with your super powerful Tegra 2 processor (inside the tablet, of course.) This is because we've got a Motorola XOOM Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet sitting here right in front of us. The flood will continue here, but you'll soon be seeing the same thing happening around the web. Why? Because this year's Game Developers Conference has been gifted with not only Nexus S phones, not only Google Chrome OS-powered CR-48 laptops, but brand new XOOM tablets as well!

Samsung may unveil 8.9″ Galaxy Tab later in March

Samsung may be unveiling their new 8.9" Galaxy Tab at a press event on March 22, in Orlando, Florida. The news comes from an image on Samsung's facebook page with a cryptic reference to the numbers "78910", which many believe points to an 8.9" tablet since the original Galaxy Tab is 7" and Samsung unveiled a 10.1" tablet at CES. So an 8.9 inch tablet would fit right in the middle and make for a good mid-range size. But is there really a need for something in between the two existing sizes?
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