Android SDK

Google’s Android Emulator improves with better CPU performance

It wasn't that long ago that Google introduced Ice Cream Sandwich support for the emulator in the official Android SDK, but with the update to Android 4.0.4, they've taken it one step further. After a series of tweaks and enhancements in the way that the emulator runs ARM-based software on x86 or x64 PC hardware, the Android development team says that the new version should utilize the computer's CPU with double the efficiency. The end result? A faster emulator - something that anyone who's actually tried it out will appreciate.

Android SDK tool updated with native x86 emulator support

If you're an Android developer and/or a dedicated modder, you'll want to hear this. Google's Android dev team has just updated the official SDK tools to version 17, with a host of new goodies for developers to try out when creating new Android apps or builds. There's a lot of tweaks for performance and stability, but the major addition doesn't even come from Google: they've borrowed some code to make the Android emulator that comes with the tool package run natively on x86 systems.

Samsung Galaxy S gets a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich via SDK port

I always love seeing what dedicated Android modders can do with new software and old hardware. the latest phone to get the Ice Cream Sandwich SDK port treatment is none other than the original Samsung Galaxy S - no II, no HD, no LTE, no X, just the S. It shouldn't be that much of a surprise, since the Nexus S shares a lot of the same hardware, and it saw Ice Cream Sandwich almost immediately after the SDK was released.

Android SDK Tools Updated to Version 12

Android's ADT plugin for Eclipse has been update to version 12 as well, these updates now allowing developers of all shapes and sizes to use system images compiled for ARM v7 and x86 CPUs in the emulator as well as in the AVD manager. This should be rather exciting news for you hopefuls for a brand new Intel horizon. Fun fact - did you know that back in October of 2010, ARM president Tudor Brown tipped Forbes that the next generation of Android would be called Ice Cream? Totally fun!

Samsung Android Developer Forums Official

Today Samsung announced a brand new set of forums for developers on Android specifically for their Samsung devices. This new place to talk and exchange ideas will work through their already existing developer site: and is set to act as a conduit for the news and updates area of the Samsung Developers site. This area will draw on all walks of Android development life: bada, Java, Widgets, Themes, etc, and will be a single gateway for SDK's tutorial videos, hardware updates, software updates, and more.
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