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CyanogenMod 7 Stable build finished, Get some Now!

The time has come yet again, don't get to excited because the TD servers are getting hammmmmered. That is the sound of hundreds of thousands of people all downloading CyanogenMod 7 for their Android device of choice. CM is now on over 30 devices so there is plenty of happy people around tonight.

CyanogenMod 7 is at it again with RC4 now available

If you haven't seen all the twitter posts over the last few days then you probably don't know that the CM team has just released the RC4 of the ever so popular CyanogenMod. Hopefully you are all aware of what CyanogenMod is by now. If you don't you should head over to their site posted above and check it out if you love Android.

Particle Ring Boot Animation for Shiny Justice

XDA Developers love to tinker with their Android phones and publish their results. And this one is one of my favorites. XDA user "Aph" has taken a cool particle ring animation he found in another thread and has tweeked the CM7 boot animation to make it really smooth. The result is our favorite little robot standing in a ring of plasma energy.

MIUI Developers For Android about to Drop Gingerbread ROM

MIUI is a very sleek, smooth, and clean user interface and ROM for Android. You have probably heard of them, or seen video's of their UI. Just like CyanogenMod, and MoDaCo, they build Rom's and have a pretty large following. They are lovers of Android that have developed a completely unique spin on Android and it's UI. Hold on though, Get ready for whats next!

HTC Wildfire S Dump and ROM (plus HTC HuaShan as a bonus!)

Man oh man has the HTC Wildfire been getting around lately. Last time we spoke with her, she was getting a bit of the ol' Android 3.0 Honeycomb installed for a lookaround, now we see she's got a whole dump and ROM available for the public. Would you like to see it? Would you also like to get your hands on the same stuff for the HuaShan? Lets have a look-see and find out what we can find!

HALO Reach Bootscreen for you Master Chief Android Fans

Oh the little things, they're really what gets us pumped up in the morning. This is one of them, and I'm sure you HALO fans will at least take a peek at if not use the following boot screen for all eternity. This is a bootscreen created by XDA Developer Chackanug who says he's been at work for 4 weeks putting together this epic bit of loveliness. Grab it instantly and never let go.

Android gets bricky with custom Lego ROM

A trio of developers have created a playful custom Android ROM that's based on the world of LEGO.  Beezy, KSmith and Nick7 worked up the ROM for the Sprint Optimus S and have given the user the modular ability to choose any tweaks and theme edits they want.  And the beauty is, there's no tedious trial and error to see what features play together or not.

Honeycomb for Dell Streak 5 ROM shows early promise

Dell's record releasing firmware for the original 5-inch Streak hasn't been all that hot, so thankfully there are unofficial firmware developers pushing out their own interpretations of what the tablet/smartphone hybrid should run. MoDaCo member Stephen Hyde has delivered the first build of Android 3.0 Honeycomb on the Streak, a very early work-in-progress but certainly more than we expect Dell itself to deliver. Most impressive is that the Streak 5 Honeycomb install was done in a spare evening, hacking up the Android 3.0 SDK and dropping it onto the tablet. Right now the touchscreen isn't doing quite what it should, and since there's no hardware acceleration the 3D graphics are slow, but we're expecting that with a bit more time this could turn out to be quite a popular ROM. [via Engadget]

ClockworkMod Recovery and DL17 for Samsung Continuum Released

Hooray! Odd phone users rejoice - if you're one of the 10 people who purchased a Samsung Continuum as your Android Galaxy S phone of choice, you're in luck! ClockworkMod Recovery and a simple DL17 ROM have been released for the double screened wonder, and it's time to get to work on making that extra screen do backflips. This hack is a brand new release and they need YOUR help in making it a bunch better.

ROM Manager (ClockworkMod) Recovery Host Down, Back Up, In Need of Assistance

If you're the kind of person who likes to break your Android device down to build it back up in your own image, you know about ClockworkMod and ROM Manager. The fellows involved in this project have done massive workings on the insides of all manner of Android devices and they'll be recorded in the history books of programming as some of the essential unofficial teammates of Google's Android mobile OS. That said, as they are working for the greater good of all developers and hackers of mobile OS, we aught to offer them our help when something blows up in their face. Something has.
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