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Meizu MX4 Pro photos leaked before launch

The Meizu MX4 Pro is expected to be launched officially next week but you know how it is in gadget town. For products, especially those coming for China, there is a big chance they’ll be leaked beforehand. The new Meizu phone is no different. We’re not doubting the photos' authenticity because more often than not, photos posted on Weibo are usually for real.

Nokia X2 Tools developed to improve your Nokia Android phone

Nokia as a brand may be in limbo but the now Microsoft-owned company is still in the business of making phones. Why, it even ventured into the Android game by announcing the X2 a few months ago. It’s not purely an Android device as the phone can also run Windows Phone but it’s really a unique and interesting piece.

Verizon customers eligible for upgrade before Nov 15

It’s the iPhone season once again. Of course, we’re not encouraging you to get one but the arrival of a new Apple phone means mobile carriers are announcing new phone deals. Such offers would also mean new Android phone deals or handset upgrades as companies usually offer.

HP said to be launching low cost Android phone next week

Sources from inside HP are saying they’ve got an Android phone coming. The anonymous sources claim the device will be a lot like the Galaxy Note from Samsung, offering a similar screen size. The new device is said to be around $200, meaning there will likely be severe corners cut on this HP offering. Though we like the downward trend for device cost, is this a step too far?

Jitterbug Touch 2 smartphone announced, made for aging consumers

Children aren't the only ones getting special attention from the industry these days. Even those who are at the prime of their life and beyond need devices that are tailor fitted to address not only their needs, but also their habits and capacities. Enter Jitterbug Touch 2, the next iteration of the easy to use smartphone made by GreatCall, who specializes in products for aging consumers.
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