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Baidu and Dell building Android-based OS for phones and tablets

While Google is huge in America and many other places around the world, Baidu is the biggest in China and are planning to get their own slice of the Android and mobile market. Google operates a big operation in China but is still behind Baidu in that region. China has a massive mobile market and it's only getting bigger, they are aiming to build their own OS using Android at the center but call it "Yi".

HP TouchPad Android 2.2.1 System Dump Files Now Available

The HP TouchPad has been getting a lot of attention as of late from the entire developer and Android communities. Once the TouchPad price dropped to $99 everyone started running wild with the hopes and dreams of one day soon running Android on said device. Just a day or two later we learned that Android ports were already under way and a few days later one was spotted running Android 2.2.1 out of the box, right from Best Buy.

HTC Providing T-Mobile Stores with MicroSD Cards for Phone OS Updates

T-Mobile has been busy this summer upgrading some of their popular phones to the latest and greatest in the mobile OS world and that is Android 2.3 Gingerbread. This news is a bit different and comes as a surprise though. Apparently HTC is now providing T-Mobile retail stores with Micro SD cards pre-loaded with select handsets update so users can either do the upgrade at home OTA, or opt to head into the nearest T-Mobile store and let the employee's give it a shot.

Apple iOS vs Google Android in Latest ChangeWave Research Report

ChangeWave Research is a group that has been doing independent research and reports for the past 9 years. Today they released their latest report that details a survey of 4,163 consumers aiming to get a fresh look at smart phone demand trends as well as OS preference. The key comparison here is Apple vs Android, or iOS vs Android but they do mention the decline of RIM a few times to keep things even.

Nielson U.S. Smartphone Poll shows Android users still consume the most data

We have seen a few reports like this before basically saying that Android and its users are hungry for data and just so happen to use the most. This specific report mentions U.S. smartphone data usage based on Operating System and in this case Android is the clear leader as usual. Not only has mobile data jumped around 89% over the past year but Android and iOS continues to climb and climb.

Motorola developing own OS? [silly rumor]

Motorola is working on their own OS? What? Back that up. Several blogs are putting forth the rumor that Motorola's friendship with Google is waning and that the cellphone manufacturer has been quietly hiring Apple and Adobe engineers with the aim of developing their own platform OS to compete with Android. The thinking is that Google is "shooting itself win the foot" with fragmentation problems, manufacturer support issues, and market saturation of so many Android phones, you can't tell one from the other. Can this rumor really be credible? We don't think so.

Android Developers offers data on platform versions

I am sure that it helps developers of Android apps immensely to know what the most common version of the OS is when they are designing their games and apps. Android Developers has offered up just such details for devs to gander at. The new details offer up the current distribution noting the percentage of a specific version installed and historical distribution levels.

Cai Shen Dao Chinese New Year God of Wealth Android Toy [REVIEW]

As I begin this review, I gotta say that I can't be very non-biased about this whole situation, as it's almost impossible to resist such a cute little man like this, especially when he's built on the bones of our favorite little robot Android! What I mean is I can't see why anyone would need any more incentive than to have one peek at this designer toy, this collectible, this piece of what some would refer to as urban vinyl. This little man is part of an extended series of Android figures you can collect, the same set that was carried up into space a few weeks ago! Don't worry about him floating off though, he's very down to earth.
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