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Kazam created by ex-HTC execs, aimed for European market

Getting a fresh name out in the industry has always proven to be difficult. Sony wasn't always as widely known as it is now, and certainly neither was Samsung. Even some companies as big as Lamborghini (who used to make farm tractors) and Coca Cola (which was marketed as stomach medicine) suffered in the very beginning. But in an ever-crowded market, comes a new company from HTC's old executives, called "Kazam". The big question is, how will it stack up?

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is coming soon, not Key Lime Pie

There's been quite a bit of speculation the past 4-6 months over the next major update to the number one mobile OS in the world, what Google will call it, and what features we can expect to see. Talk of Key Lime Pie, Android 5.0, and everything else in between. Lately however, new reports and details have started to surface leading us to believe we won't see Key Lime Pie, and instead Android 4.3 Jelly Bean will be the star of Google I/O next month.

Google Now and Project Glass are potentially the future of Android

Google Now has been one of our favorite features in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and I'm pretty sure we're not alone in that thinking either. Google's continued to update and improve both the feature in general, as well as all the backend services. However, today our very own Chris Davies and sister site SlashGear sat down with Google's Matias Duarte to talk Google Now, Project Glass, and more.

Mozilla Firefox OS developer phones revealed to take on Android

Today the folks at Mozilla have finally removed the wrapping paper off a few of their developer phones running the new Firefox OS. The plan here being these mid-range at best developer friendly phones called "Geeksphone" will be the starting point for developers to start coding for the new mobile OS. Loving Android, as well as watching the competition, we figured a quick post to show you what's brewing was in order.

The top game changing Android devices of 2012

The holiday fun is over and we're officially kicking off 2013 with a quick rundown of some of the top smartphones and tablets to rock the past year. There was multiple "flagship" devices that arrived this year from multiple manufacturers but we all know who the true champ was, and that's Samsung. Read on to see what made the Android Community list.

Android in 2013: Expectations and Predictions

The world of Android was pretty exciting in 2012, but prepare yourself for even more come next year. We welcome a whole new generation of 1080p quad-core smartphones, flexible AMOLED displays, tons of Android devices, and surely round after round of rumors. Expectations will undoubtedly be high, and we're expecting a strong start at CES in just a few weeks. Read on for our thoughts and expectations for the first half of 2013.

Google Play Store updated with new app install screen and more [Download]

The folks at Google are currently rolling out an update to the Play Store. The update started appearing last night for some, but doesn’t appear to have too many changes at first glance. After taking a deeper look at the new Play Store version 3.10.9 we noticed multiple improvements, a new UI for the app install screen, and much more. Get it from the link below.

RIM previews Blackberry 10, we want your thoughts

The world of RIM and Blackberry is all shook up at the moment with their announcement of Blackberry 10 and their developer alpha device. We don't really talk much about Blackberry around these parts but you can get all the details from our sister site SlashGear, as they had plenty of coverage. After seeing the Blackberry 10 sneak peak video shown below, I was pretty curious and wanted to see what our readers thought. Check it out after the break.
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