Android MegaPad

Android Community Weekly: September 24, 2011

Viewing the Android Community Weekly roundup this week will land you in-depth reviews of two amazingly well build devices, more information on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and some Android OS controlled supergadgets. Both American variants of the Samsung Galaxy S II are now in our possession! The Epic 4G Touch was extensively reviewed this past Sunday, with benchmarks even the original Galaxy S II can't touch (out of the box that is). And just recently, the AT&T Galaxy S II was unboxed by Chris Burns; be sure to ask him any questions regarding the device so they may be answered before the official review! The Epic 4G Touch is already available, but AT&T expects to release their Galaxy S II for under $200 coming October.

Android MegaPad 23″ life-sized tablet shown off on video

Who wants to play some life-sized Fruit Ninja right in the living room? I know I do. What we have here is a home-brewed, man-made Android 2.3 Gingerbread tablet-like device running on a 23" display. This thing is truly awesome and he outlines how it was made for just $600 dollars. The man behind the device and video is Martin Drashkov, he's made a pretty unique device and we'll show you the video and explain more below.