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Google finally unveils Android Marshmallow lawn statue

The secret is out. The next dessert Google is serving the Android community is Marshmallow. It's not really a dessert but more like a confectionary or special candy (then again Lollipop is a candy). It's not something that will make you satisfied, just good enough to fill your empty stomachs something until your meal is ready. Aside from Muffin, I was betting on this one but then Milkshake sounded better. Oh well, Google already made a decision and this year's Android statue was unveiled earlier today.

Dan Morrill shows us the Android mascot that almost was

Back in 2007, it was impossible to know that Android was going to blow up and become as huge as it is today. In fact, for quite some time, it was impossible to know if Android even existed, as Google kept quiet on the flood of rumors until it came time to officially unveil the mobile OS. In the lead up to this announcement, we imagine many things about Android changed, and today Google's Dan Morrill is giving us a look at a canned Android mascot he thought up in the rush before the company launched the first iteration of the OS we all know and love today.

Andru Android Robot Micro-USB charger and collectible hands-on

Meet ANDRU. This little Android robot collectible powered by a new company called Gen can sit at your desk as you show off your love for Android with the included stand, then transform and charge your phone at the same time. Already an iconic image -- the Android robot mascot now doubles as your charger. We were lucky enough to get one for a quick hands-on video and a few pictures so check it out.

Androidify Me prints your Androidify avatar on stickers or posters

I'm sure many of our readers know plenty about the popular Androidify App from Google that lets you dress and design your own Android avatar as yourself, or anything else you have in mind. One of the best parts of Mobile World Congress 2011 was the Androidify print station Google had set up where users were able to print their own Androidify avatars and create stickers. Sadly not everyone was able to make it to MWC and partake in the fun. If you want your own Androidify Avatar as a sticker for your phone, laptop, tablet or anything else check out this new kickstarter project below for all the details.

King Kong Andy Takes on little Steve Jobs in New T-Shirt Design

Can you say #Winning (Yup a Charlie Sheen reference here at AC). This T-Shirt is just full of win, you must admit its pretty good when you actually look at it. This is an ongoing series of T-shirts from a guy named George Soto that has been making awesome shirts showing the Android vs Apple battle. First one was the Andy Versus shirt, then came the Unstoppable Andy and that pesky Steve Jobs trying to get him.

Android’s Got Talent! Beats Dancing with the Stars [Video]

Well, it looks like the little green robot gets around. Our best friend here at AC, the Android Mascot has done it again. This time it is in the form of a dancing robot. I must say though, watch the full video as this Android has some mad skillz. Dances in sync with the beat and everything. Not to mention having those moves while in a suit can't be easy. This might remind you guys of the Giorgio Armani Android hitting the Catwalk.

Crochet your own Android robot

I've never made any craft type stuff that required a needle and thread or yarn in this case. The extent of my sewing ability ends at putting a button back on a shirt. If you like crochet or would like to learn to crochet with a geeky project here it is.
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