Third-party Steam apps muscled out of the Market

A lot of gamers got excited when the mobile Steam app was released last week for iOS and Android. (At least until they tried to log in and found out they weren't part of the inner Beta circle.) But now it seems that dozens of unofficial Steam apps, including the pretty awesome application from IBF Programs featured on Android Community a month ago. There's no word from Google or Valve, the creators and administrators of Steam, but it's a good bet that the publisher and retailer has at least some say in the proceedings.

Symantec: millions of Android devices infected from Market downloads

If you're waiting for a wake-up call when it comes to Android malware, this might be it. Security software vendor Symantec has published a report claiming that anywhere from one to five million Android phones and tablets may be infected with the Android.Counterclank spyware. The infections spread from thirteen identified apps across three developers, some of which have already been removed from the Android Market, presumably by Google. Most were blatant copies of popular games or vaguely naughty apps.

Google Music Manager update brings full library and puchased music downloads

Yes! Finally Google has updated their new Music Manager for Google Music to allow users to download right from their cloud. Originally you could upload all your music but that was it. Now instead of downloading them one at a time we can retrieve the entire library right out of the air and download it to your device or computer -- including purchased tracks from the Android Market.

SwitchMe brings multiple user profiles to (rooted) Android phones and tablets

There's one thing that I've heard requested more than anything when it comes to Android tablets: support fur desktop-style user profiles. It's rare that more than one person uses a smartphone, but tablets were practically made for sharing, especially in the communal area of the family coffee table. While Google graciously allows you to connect more than one Gmail account to a single device, true separation (as in apps, passwords, and settings) is impossible. Enter SwitchMe, the first enabler of a truly multi-user device. The app is free in the Android Market, but requires a $1.98 license key for more than two profiles.

Official Steam app in closed beta, available now

While we saw at least one impressive attempt at an unofficial Steam app, big daddy Valve has now stepped up and offered an official Steam client for Android. The ubiquitous PC game store-cloud client is incredibly popular among gamers, who have had to settle for access to the desktop web version before now. The Steam app is in beta and available as a free download on the Android Market, but unfortunately, your Steam account needs to be part of the batch of beta users in order to log in.

Star Command: Trekkie RPG with Game Dev Story style

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of War Balloon Games, a tiny indie game developer with a love of all things Star Trek. Their continuing mission: to develop and Android game that combines the classic spacegoing stories of TV's greatest scifi series with 16-bit RPG gameplay. To boldly go where, um, many, many people have gone before, actually. But in an awesome way.

BBC News app updated for Android tablets

Anglophiles have been able to get their British Broadcasting Company News fix on Android for a while now, but if you prefer a larger screen, you were stuck with an upscaled interface on tablets. Until now, that is: the BBC just announced an updated News app that plays nice with Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich tablets. At the moment the app is only available to UK users, but according to the news service the international version will soon be updated as well.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I available now, doesn’t play nice with Galaxy Nexus

After the news that Sega was planning on bringing its 2D platforming revival Sonic the Hedgehog 4, Episode II to Android, we were happier than a hedgehog in a hot dog stand - then a little miffed that the company had apparently completely passed over Android for part I, despite releasing it for every other platform including iOS. That small oversight has been corrected today, as Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 has been released in the Android Market. You can pick it up now for $3.99.

Tapjoy invests in 130 different Android games

Android gaming is growing by leaps and bounds, due in no small part to the prevalent use of free games supplemented with advertising. Mobile application/advertising platform Tapjoy knows this: that's why they set up a  fund for aspiring developers, helping them publish their apps to both Tapjoy's directory and the Android Market. The company announced that to date, they've helped publish a whopping 130 Android games. To be fair, the hits are few and far between, but that's par for the course with indie developers. is not endorsed by CyanogenMod

The CyanogenMod team is planning to create an 'Android Market'-like application to easily find root applications for your devices. This is a great idea, and even indexing root applications by device compatibility would be a great help to anyone willing to load them to their device. Well, it turns out the website is in no way connected to the CyanogenMod team.
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