Google Music ramps up for a Valentine’s Day sale

In case the bombardment of retail, online, television, billboard and radio ads hadn't informed you just yet, Valentine's Day is less than a week away. If you haven't made plans for your significant other, for God's sake, close this tab and get some dinner and/or show reservations pronto. We'll wait. Couldn't get any? Well you're in deep trouble, gentle reader. If you'd still like to be in a relationship come February 15th, you might want to take advantage of Google Music's Valentine's Day sale.

Vonage gives free VOIP calls and texts via Android app

Vonage has become a veritable player in the home phone industry in the US, thanks to ultra-cheap rates for its Voice Over Internet Protocol calling system. Now it's making that service mobile via Android, and making a real case for VOIP-based service, if not VOIP-only phones. Customers who subscribe to Vonage at home can make domestic calls to anyone else with the app for free, and even those without an existing account can use the app to make calls to regular cell and landlines on a per-minute basis, Skype-style. The best part? It works on WiFi or mobile broadband, making Vonage a true mobile VOIP provider with no restrictions.

Steam updates for performance and stability, 3rd-party apps return with new names

While PC gamers like yours truly were ecstatic when Valve finally released its official Steam app on the Android Market, the software itself left a little to be desired in its initial version. Of course that's to be expected in a beta release, but the combination of closed access and slow, protracted animations even on high-end phones made for a frustrating experience at times. Valve solved one problem when it opened the beta app up to everyone, then another today, with the application of its latest update.

StyleTag app brings out the fashionable side of your Android phone

Believe it or don't, not every Android users gets all of his or her clothes from the prestigious Sam Walton Collection. (Well, I do, but I know not everyone does.) For those with an eye towards both fashion and social collaboration, StyleTag combines the elements of Flickr's tagging system, Pinterest's photo-based social networking and Picasa's instant uploads. Their free app, "StyleTag: FashionSNS", has an admirably advanced user interface with tens of thousands of entries for the sartorially obsessed.

RIM claims BlackBerry apps make more money than Android apps

Oh, RIM. Pity the once-might conquerors of the corporate smartphone world, for they have been reduced to petty sniping while trying to emulate that which they hate. In its latest fit of corporate chest-thumping, the BlackBerry manufacturer has shouted to its European developer conference that apps on the BlackBerry App World are more profitable than their Android counterparts. Citing some numbers from their own analytics (which, to be fair, we've got no basis for disputing) CEO Thorsten Heins and other executives claimed that BBAW apps earn 40% more than Android apps, and that 13% of BlackBerry developers have made more than $100,000 dollars. By Android Community's incredibly unofficial estimates, that's approximately 13 people.

Change DPI and Market settings easily with build.prop Editor

If you're a dedicated Android modder, you're probably aware of the myriad tweaks you can apply via the build.prop file, located in the /system folder. It's a popular method of changing your phone or tablet's screen density (as in our Galaxy Nexus Tablet experiment) or fooling the Android Market into thinking you've got a different phone than the one you have. But Android's built-in text editor leaves something to be desired, and the only alternative to a root-enabled file browser has been the tedious ADB method of backing up and swapping in modified build.prop files.

Yahoo unveils new app search option for Android

Yahoo, that search engine you used sometime back in the 90's is apparently staying with the times and have just added an entirely new option to their search results. Updating and trying to stay relevant they've added an "Apps" tab right to their front page for search results. If you had a hard time finding apps before, this could be your solution.
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