Lenovo putting emphasis on the mobile industry

Lenovo, which has been working non-stop to popularize its laptop range (which currently takes up 80% of their total sales) is currently seeking other ways to broaden its financial horizons. The most popular idea for profit within the company has been a serious expansion and push into their mobile side. So that's exactly what they're going to begin doing, as of now.

Fake Angry Birds peddlers fined £50,000

Ah, sweet, sweet justice. Instead of the slap on the wrist and a ban from the Google Play Store as usual, the developer of fake versions of several popular Android games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope will get a more lasting punishment. According to the BBC, The British government has sentenced a Latvian developer to a £50,000 fine for counterfeit apps posted on the Android Market in November of last year.

Google sued over Play Store’s 15 minute return policy

When the Android Market changed its return policy from a generous 24 hours to a paltry 15 minutes way back in 2010, there was no shortage of complaints. But it appears that two users went a step beyond and actually sued Google for the policy, in addition to generally misleading claims about the quality and working order of apps. The suit comes from Dodd J. Harris and Stephen Sabatin of California, who were unsatisfied with a Mandarin instruction app and Bit Torrent client, respectively.

Google is still working on adding Google Play content for more countries

One of the more frustrating aspects of Android for non-US users is that a lot of the content on the Google Play Store (formerly the Android Market) isn't available in other countries. Certain apps and usually all of Google Music, Movies and Books aren't available in all territories. Users have been voicing their complaints at the Google Play Google+ page, and Google has responded. Essentially, they're trying as hard as they can, but the intricacies of international content licensing are not for the faint of heart.

Webcomic aggregation app accused of piracy

I've been reading webcomics, the kooky and usually ultra-specific modern alternative to the Sunday funnies page, for years. Like many fans I catch up on daily and weekly strips via an RSS reader (in my case Google Reader), but there are a lot of apps on the Android Market/Google Plus Store that will link you straight to an updated page for some of the most popular webcomics out there. One such app has caught the attention of blogger Chris Hanel, who notes that the app DailyComix has a listing of dozens of popular comics, all of which it is apparently presenting without compensation to their original creators.

European Android developers left unpaid and angry

In what seems to be a massive oversight on Google's part, developers from all over Europe are reporting that their expected Android Market/Google Play Store payments for early March have not been delivered. Though the payments are marked as delivered in the internal developer systems, the money simply isn't appearing in developers' accounts. Those who have reached out to Google directly via developer support channels have thus far been met with silence. After almost a week of reports in the Google Checkout help section, the primary complaint thread has hundreds of replies.

PSA: The Android Market isn’t missing, just look for “Play Store” instead

I've been getting tons of comments, tips, and emails over the past 24 hours from various users and readers saying things like "My Android Market has gone missing and I can't download apps." Or the Android Market is no longer on my phone, what the crap Motorola. This is a public service announcement for all those that missed the news (newbies) that Google has actually replaced the Android Market with what they are calling Google Play. You still have the Android Market and all the hundreds of thousands of apps, just under a new name.

Google Play update breaking Market for many Motorola phones

In case anyone missed the huge news yesterday, Google renamed the Android Market and all their Music and Book stores to one simple thing -- Google Play. Along with the big news that everything would be combined into one was the new Android Market is called the Play Store, and the update has been rolling out and replacing the Android Market on phones and tablets the past 24 hours. Sadly we have received multiple complaints that this update is breaking the market icon for Motorola phones and their BLUR user interface.

Google Play Store update rolling out now – download it early

This came flying out of an orange-colored sky: the android Market is no more. Say hello to Google Play, the new hub for all of Google's hosted media, including Android apps, music, movies, books, and whatever else they'd like to throw in there. The application is rolling out to Android phones and tablets now, and if you don't have it already, you'll probably be getting it in the next day or so. As far as we can tell, it's a worldwide change: you can see the new web interface by going to
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