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Here are some of the MOGA compatible games available in Google Play

PowerA recently had a rather nice sale on the MOGA game controller. Maybe more accurately, they were not actually having a sale, but instead just giving controllers away. And giving them away with a free copy of Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. The deal was simply, 'buy' a MOGA controller and get the game for the price of shipping. Anyway, following up on that offer, MOGA has come forward with details on which games are compatible.

Second Avengers Initiative episode adds Captain America

The first episode of Avengers Initiative is still relatively young, but that isn't stopping about Marvel Games from talking about what will be going down in episode two. Today we're finding out that you'll be able to play as Captain America in episode two, though unfortunately we don't have a release date for the episode just yet. Still, the news that Captain America is featured in the next episode should be enough to get many players excited.

WordTag game now available on Google Play Store

Looking for a new game to play on your Android device? If you love words, you might want to consider WordTag, a new game from developer Juxta Labs. WordTag is quite similar to games like Taboo, except Juxta Labs has put its own unique spin on the word guessing party game.

Yesterday game arrives on Google Play Store

Point and click adventure games are somewhat rare these days, but lately we've been seeing something a of resurgence. Double Fine hit it big when it put the Double Fine Adventure up on Kickstarter, and earlier this year, a game by the name of Yesterday caught a lot of attention from the PC gaming crowd. For whatever reason, the excitement over Yesterday seemed to die down shortly after launch, but if you missed out on it the first time around, you might be happy to know that it's available on the Google Play Store starting today.

OUYA dev consoles arrive on December 28

It's been a while since we heard from our old friends at OUYA. Ever since the Kickstarter campaign for the Android gaming console came to an end, things have been pretty silent on the OUYA front. That all changed today, with the OUYA team delivering a major announcement: OUYA dev consoles will be shipping out on December 28, which just so happens to be one month from now.

Square Enix announces Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade for US and Canada

Video games in general are pretty awesome, but one bad thing about being a gamer is watching as players in other regions get to enjoy a game that will probably never be released where you live. We thought that would be the case with Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade, a mobile game made by Square Enix that has so far been exclusive to Japan. Apparently that isn't the case, as Square Enix announced today that Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade will soon be launching in the US and Canada.

Zynga brings Clay Jam to Google Play

Zynga gets a bad rap for making games that are similar to other casual titles on the market, but today we're seeing the company release a new mobile game that's pretty unique. Clay Jam is available today on the Google Play Store, and it's a game that looks to appreciate the finer points of modeling clay. In fact, every model in the game was made with modeling clay, which gives it that hand-made feel that you just can't get with computers.
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