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16-bit classic King of Fighters offers an Android beatdown

Attention, jaded modern gamers: put down your Soul Calibur 5 and Tekken Whatever discs. Put away Virtua Fighter and Dead or Alive (shame on you, there could be kids watching). If you want some bona-fide classic fighter action, a legend has just dropped onto the Google Play Store to satisfy your need for over-the-top martial arts craziness. The King of Fighters, the original entrant in Neo-Geo's storied franchise spanning nearly twenty years, is now available on the Google Play Store. It comes via the G-Gee platform, which previously published the equally classic brawler Double Dragon.

Angry Birds Space review

It's finally here: the avian outer space destruction simulation that's been on the minds of Bird-brains for weeks. Angry Birds Space represents the first major revision to Rovio's familiar formula since the game launched - unlike the various Seasons themed updates (with the occasional extra bird thrown in) Angry Birds Space shakes up the equation with physics-based levels and puzzles, forcing players to account for areas of low, zero and radial gravity in order to smash those thieving pigs. Does Space live up to its world-conquering predecessor? Read on to find out.

Onlive’s LA Noire gets native touschscreen controls

As exciting as a service like Onlive is for mobile gamers, its utility for more complex games is diminished somewhat by the limitation of translating a control scheme designed for a device with dozens of buttons and dual joysticks into a touchscreen experience. At least one of Onlive's offerings is working around that: Rockstar's 2011 hit LA Noir is getting touch-native controls on Android, granting a more friendly touch-based user interface that dynamically adjusts depending upon the game's situation. This makes the Onlive version of LA Noir play more like a tablet game and less like a remote-controlled experience.

Activision plans Call of Duty: Elite tablet app

Call Of Duty's Elite app for Android has more than half a million downloads, but publisher Activision isn't going to rest on their haunches. They told T3 today that the augmented game service would be breaking out of its small-screen shackles and landing on tablets soon. Activision Product Director Noah Heller said that this was no mere upscaling; it'll be a native tablet app on both iOS and Android, presumably bringing the user interface elements from Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich along with it.

Android gaming needs software more than hardware

You may have noticed our awesome giveaway that starts today: two ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime tablets, with an extra two chances to win courtesy of our sister site, SlashGear. The promotion is made possible by NVIDIA, and we thank them kindly. NVIDIA's probably done more than any other single company (with the possible exception of Google itself) to advance gaming on Android. But here's the thing: awesome hardware isn't enough. As great as the Tegra 3 and other next-gen platforms are for gaming, the games themselves have to be the focus if Android is going to be a major contender in the mobile gaming space.

Super Monkey Ball 2 rolls onto the Google Play Store

If there's one game I've been waiting to play ever since I picked up my first Android smartphone, it's Super Monkey Ball. This kooky title is fun, addictive and so simple that dome kind of non-human simian could play it. Now Sega has seen fit to release Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition on the Google Play Store, and you'd be hard pressed to have more fun with a barrel full of baboon lemurs. It's available today for just 99 cents, though that's a promotional price that's likely to increase soon.

Sony Xperia S gets access to the PlayStation Store

This ought to be a no-brainer for any high-end Sony phone, but the company's new Xperia S flagship now has access to the PlayStation Store. The international phone didn't launch with the capability, which has been available to other Sony phones and tablets for some time, most notably the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. Currently there's less than twenty original PlayStation games, almost all of which are considerably more expensive than most 3D games in the Google Play Store.

RPG classic Final Fantasy III comes to Android, but only in Japan

Ready for some classic role-playing? Then break out your pocket translator (insert "there's an app for that" joke here). Gaming giant Square Enix has released Final Fantasy III, widely considered to be one of the all-time greats of console RPGs, for Android. The bad news is that it's limited to Square's in-house market at the moment, and region-locked to Japan. You can't even pull some build.prop mods to get around it in Android Market/Google Play, since there's no app to be had in there.

Angry Birds hang with NASA astronaut for a Space physics lesson

If you haven't heard the first true sequel to Rovio's smash hit Angry Birds is coming later this month, you must have been hiding inside a exogorth. To explain the physics behind the new Angry Birds Space, Rovio employed the assistance of someone who ought to know: NASA astronaut Don Pettit, currently living on the International Space Station. With the help of an Angry Birds keychain, a green balloon, a bungie cord and no gravity, he explains some of the features we're likely to see in Angry Birds Space when it launches on March 22nd.

Game Dev Story creator makes you the mayor with Dungeon Village

As an avid gamer, you've no doubt passed through a thousand nameless tiny villages on your way to defeating the evil overlord, rescuing the princess, saving the realm and/or catching them all.  But what of the little people and the little lives that make up the background of your epic adventure? What daily struggles does the potion shop owner, the blacksmith or the fletcher face in their everyday quest to relieve passing adventurers of their gold? That's the question that Dungeon Village, available now on the Android Market Google Play, aims to answer.