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Shooter classic Max Payne coming to Android

There's a million stories in the naked city, but former NYPD cop Max Payne has one that could be thrown in the lockup for public indecency. After his wife and daughter are murdered by drug dealers, Max is making a take-out order for revenge, and a side of justice if he's got the time. With two slugs in his stomach and twelve in his heater, the DEA agent searches the dingy streets of New York City, eventually infiltrating and disposing of most of the mob family that's responsible for his family's death. And in a couple of months, he'll be waling his beat again on Android.

Brick Force combines Android and PC platforms for Minecraft-inspired FPS

Indie smash hit Minecraft taps into that part of your brain that loves playing with Lego: simple tools, endless possibilities. Of course, one of the most fun parts of building blocks is completing your edifice, waiting about three seconds... then blowing it to smithereens. For that essential experience, look to Brick Force, a new game combining the building elements of Minecraft with the fast-paced shooter action of games like Team Fortress and Counter-Strike.

ThinkGeek plays to the emulation crowd with 8-Bitty Bluetooth controller

Thus far, Android has proven to be a fantastic platform for classic game emulation, especially if your tastes lead you to prefer games made before 1995 or so. But try as we might with grips and even specialized hardware like the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, there's just nothing like a classic game controller, with buttons you can count on one hand and a non-existent approach to ergonomics. ThinkGeek, long-time nostalgia enabler and supplier of geeky tools to the poor and the gentry, intends to make your gaming sessions authentic with the iCade 8-Bitty Bluetooth controller.

Emulate classic Capcom arcade games with CPSEmu

We're still a little miffed at Capcom for their continually limited Android support, but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy their games. If you share our compulsion for the classics of 2D gaming, you can now run arcade games designed for the CP System 2 with CPSEmu, another project from the developers behind the Neo Geo emulator NeoDroid. It works like any standard Android emulator, which means you won't be seeing it on the Android Market any time soon. Download it from this XDA thread.

Toki Tori added to the Android Humble Bundle

Congratulations, Android gamers: combined with Windows, Mac and Linux users, you've purchased almost 130,000 copies of the first Android Humble Bundle, raising almost $800,000 for developers and charities like the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play. To celebrate, the organizers have thrown in a fifth game, Toki Tori, an updated version of Two Tribes' classic puzzle/platformer. New purchasers can access Toki Tori after paying, and those who have already bought the bundle can download the new game via their unique link. To get the bonus game World of Goo you still need to pay more than the average, now sitting at $6.12.

Xbox indie hit Super Meat Boy may be headed for Android soon

Imagine, if you will, a classic two-dimensional platformer of the Mega Man or Ghosts and Goblins ilk. Plenty of twitch jumping and running, and taking out humorously proportioned sprite bad guys with improbable methods of self defense. Got it? OK, now imagine that your hero character is half a pound of ground beef. That's the gist of Super Meat Boy, a flash game that gained acclaim when it was published to the Xbox Live Arcade and later desktop computers. According to remarks made by developer Team Meat (I'm sensing a theme here) their next game will probably come out on mobile devices.

Flatout-Stuntman coming to Tegra phones and tablets

Ah, the simple joy of driving a high-powered vehicle over a ramp, through a windmill and into a oil tanker, while the driver flies through the window for a hundred-yard bonus. It's something no one wants to experience in real life, but the Flatout series of games has allowed driving enthusiasts the vicarious thrill of a spectacular crash for years now. Developer Team6 aims to bring that thrill to Android, with a new mobile sequel titled FlatOut-Stuntman [sic]. The game will be exclusive to device with Nvidia Tegra processors.

Counter-Strike Portable pirated, sold, busted

God bless those developers who expend hundreds of hours of time and effort on an app or game, only to give it away to their fellow gamers. And the devil take those who would exploit that generosity to gain a quick buck. Such is the case with Counter-Strike Portable, a re-created version of the first person shooter classic made for Android by a team of XDA developers. Yesterday they noted that their free game had been magically posted to the Android Market for all to download. And pay for. To someone else. Naturally, they felt a little betrayed.

Third-party Steam apps muscled out of the Market

A lot of gamers got excited when the mobile Steam app was released last week for iOS and Android. (At least until they tried to log in and found out they weren't part of the inner Beta circle.) But now it seems that dozens of unofficial Steam apps, including the pretty awesome application from IBF Programs featured on Android Community a month ago. There's no word from Google or Valve, the creators and administrators of Steam, but it's a good bet that the publisher and retailer has at least some say in the proceedings.

No objections – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney trilogy coming to Android

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last ten years, odds are pretty good that you've heard of Capcom's ultra-successful Ace Attorney series of detective/lawyer games for the Nintendo DS. Good news, legal eagles: the first three games in the series will soon be gracing your Android phone or tablet. The three titles will be made available on the Android Market. Developer Capcom didn't say when the games would be made available, but they'll cost 600 yen each or 1200 yen for the whole set - that's about $8 and $16 in US currency. Only Japanese versions are confirmed at the moment, but the series has done very well in the US and Europe, so expect a localized release at some point.