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Sony Xperia S gets access to the PlayStation Store

This ought to be a no-brainer for any high-end Sony phone, but the company's new Xperia S flagship now has access to the PlayStation Store. The international phone didn't launch with the capability, which has been available to other Sony phones and tablets for some time, most notably the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. Currently there's less than twenty original PlayStation games, almost all of which are considerably more expensive than most 3D games in the Google Play Store.

RPG classic Final Fantasy III comes to Android, but only in Japan

Ready for some classic role-playing? Then break out your pocket translator (insert "there's an app for that" joke here). Gaming giant Square Enix has released Final Fantasy III, widely considered to be one of the all-time greats of console RPGs, for Android. The bad news is that it's limited to Square's in-house market at the moment, and region-locked to Japan. You can't even pull some build.prop mods to get around it in Android Market/Google Play, since there's no app to be had in there.

Angry Birds hang with NASA astronaut for a Space physics lesson

If you haven't heard the first true sequel to Rovio's smash hit Angry Birds is coming later this month, you must have been hiding inside a exogorth. To explain the physics behind the new Angry Birds Space, Rovio employed the assistance of someone who ought to know: NASA astronaut Don Pettit, currently living on the International Space Station. With the help of an Angry Birds keychain, a green balloon, a bungie cord and no gravity, he explains some of the features we're likely to see in Angry Birds Space when it launches on March 22nd.

Game Dev Story creator makes you the mayor with Dungeon Village

As an avid gamer, you've no doubt passed through a thousand nameless tiny villages on your way to defeating the evil overlord, rescuing the princess, saving the realm and/or catching them all.  But what of the little people and the little lives that make up the background of your epic adventure? What daily struggles does the potion shop owner, the blacksmith or the fletcher face in their everyday quest to relieve passing adventurers of their gold? That's the question that Dungeon Village, available now on the Android Market Google Play, aims to answer.

Minecraft sells a million on Android

Ah, Minecraft. Not since WoW have we seen a gaming experience so effortlessly addictive, not to mention appealing to the obsessive-compulsive in all of us. As testament to that fact, Minecraft Pocket Edition has now sold over one million copies on the Android Market since its introduction just six months ago. That doesn't even come close to the game's success on the PC side, but it's incredibly impressive nonetheless. Minecraft developer Danuel Kaplan confirmed the news on his Twitter account.

Temple Run for Android delayed till March at least

So, Temple Run. Easily one of the most-anticipated Android games in the world right now. Android owners have been waiting patiently (though judging by the comments on our previous stories, not too patiently) for months. And according to the game's official Facebook page, they're going to have to wait a little longer. The deveoper posted that the game is taking longer than expected to complete, though it's still coming along. The post says that it'll give Facebook followers at least a week's notice before the game is released - which means that if the notice came later today, Temple Run still wouldn't be coming until March 3rd. At the absolute earliest.

Bicycle prepares playing cards with NFC and Android apps

Fifty-two cards, four suits, with an ace and three face cards in each. It can't get much simpler, right? But it can get a whole lot more complicated. That seems to be the thinking behind Bicycle's new Jacked Up! cards, which feature an NFC chip embedded in each card. The cards can be read by any smartphone with an NFC chip, plus a free Android app. Separate decks will be sold for Solitaire, Hearts and War. (War? Really?) The Jacked Up! decks were displayed at the International Toy Fair, and should be available in April.

Report: Sega’s Super Monkey Ball 2 headed to Xperia Play

As soon as Sega started supporting Android, I had a singular, clear thought in my head: we need Super Monkey Ball. The simian franchise has been absent from Android for far too long, and the prospect of robotic monkeys notwithstanding, I don't exaggerate when I say that it's perfect for the smartphone/tablet form factor. According to Xperia Gamer, the Sony VIP portal has stated that Super Monkey Ball 2 will be headed to the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play soon. Huzzah!

Double Fine Adventure headed to Android

If you've been following the gaming world for the last few weeks, no doubt you've heard about Double Fine Adventure, the new point-and-click project from beloved indie developers Double Fine. What's notable about the project is that they're skipping the publisher model all together and getting funding directly from fans, with the help of KickStarter. There was so much money donated that they blew past their $400,000 goal almost immediately, and are currently sitting on almost two million dollars for the project. That being the case, they've decided to expand the game to both Android and iOS platforms.

Shooter classic Max Payne coming to Android

There's a million stories in the naked city, but former NYPD cop Max Payne has one that could be thrown in the lockup for public indecency. After his wife and daughter are murdered by drug dealers, Max is making a take-out order for revenge, and a side of justice if he's got the time. With two slugs in his stomach and twelve in his heater, the DEA agent searches the dingy streets of New York City, eventually infiltrating and disposing of most of the mob family that's responsible for his family's death. And in a couple of months, he'll be waling his beat again on Android.