Android game

Ingress gets two new gameplay features

Ingress Agents, you’ve got work to do. With the #Recursion series, two new gameplay features are being rolled out. There are more artifacts to grab, and a mini game designed to give improved portal hacking abilities. More mystery, more intrigue, and a deeper gameplay.

Flappy Bird flaps away for good

Staying true to his warnings more than 22 hours earlier, game developer Dong Nguyen has taken off the overnight sensation Flappy Bird from Google Play Store. The sudden success, controversy, and now departure of the game sounds almost like a story straight out of Hollywood.

Farm Heroes Saga expands from Facebook to Android

King, the game developer who can probably be blamed for a lot of killed productivity thanks to Candy Crush Saga, is unleashing another one of its games, but this time with a healthier theme. Farm Heroes Saga, a hit casual game on Facebook, has now arrived on mobile platforms for Android and iOS users to enjoy and fawn over.
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