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AC Logo Application Demo and Shirt Giveaway!

As you may already know, we've got not only a new logo coming down the chute, but a whole new look coming your way soon! And of course, along with that comes not only web-based products, but objects that you can touch and hold and even wear, too! What we were doing today was getting some shirts as fast as we could, multiple made up at a time just so we could get them to YOU, posthaste! Take a peek at our production video below and get all the details you need to get one of three shirts we're giving out FREE!

Android Community’s 2011 Reface! [Updated]

It's one of those times, ladies and gentlemen, where we rip off our proverbial mask and reveal that we've actually got a whole different look up in here. By the time you read this post, you'll surely be privy to Android Community's new set of marks - and the brand new representation of the Android Community Android. Expect this new little fellow to be going on many adventures through the Android landscape as we continue to work with YOU to make the greatest Android Community we can!

HTC Inspire 4G [Hands-on]

We've got a gigantic smartphone right here and it goes by the name HTC Inspire 4G. This is an AT&T branded phone, running on their HSPA+ network for speed, with a lovely soft plastic exterior for comfort in the hand. It's got a generously fabulous 8 megapixel camera on the back and a single button for power on the top, with a volume dongle on the left. These are the only buttons, making this a rather minimalistic bit of hardware.

Android Community Wants Writers! – UPDATE – Found!

Android Community is in search of a new writer (or two!) to join our team of dedicated Android news publishers. We're in search of seasoned writers who are flexible, confident in both research and execution, and have a passion for the Android platform.


It's Honeycomb Day, and not just here on Android Community, on SlashGear and SlashPhone as well, so today's World Famous First Paragraph has links from all over the R3 Network. Check it out! Start your sweet day off right with a chomp on the Full Pre-Game Review of Honeycomb. Next, seek the insides of Android 3.0 with us at the big event at Google! It all began with Honeycomb's Notification System, then the speakers went on to App Optimization, took you down Notifications Bar road, and rounded out the system with , and while you're at it, have a look at the reason the Motorola XOOM looks so good: Honeycomb's "Render Script" for Hardware Accelerated 3D Graphics. Watch the Googlers speak to Cee-Lo Green in the Chat Program and check out several other examples of Honeycomb's 3D rendering technology. Then comes the stuff that affects us right now, TODAY! First of all the Android Market Web store, complete with purchase online and download from the cloud technology, Android In-App Purchases, and a general "looks awesome" feeling about the whole situation. After the presentations, we got to get our hands on the XOOM in more ways than one: Motorola XOOM [XOOM Perspective] and Motorola XOOM [Android 3.0 Honeycomb Perspective]. Next, see the Android Community App shine instantly, and without glitch on this same lovely tablet.

Android Community Total Revamp Coming Soon!

If you thought this site was great before, wait until you see the big fat changes we've got coming your way in the very near future! We're getting extra pumped up for Mobile World Congress 2011, and that's smack dab in the middle of next month, so our new and improved total Android immersion update will be coming very soon! What will it consist of?

Android Community Daily Wrap Up: January 19 2011

There's fire in our collective hearts as a rogue Motorola representative tells the Android developer community to buy elsewhere. We get all happy again though as there's a sweet little animation featuring nothing less than an Android Exploding an Apple Logo, then a video of a Nexus S equipped man getting crushed by a vending machine, and we get a super cute little Android Chinese God of Wealth in the mail. Rally against the rules as Kongregate and their 300 free games deal is dashed by Google, then wait at the door expectantly as Bejeweled 2 comes this week, Plants vs. Zombies and Peggle come this Summer, and Nexus One receives Gingerbread SOON - they swear!

Another Pirate in the Android Market: jasminstory

We've just received word that there's another pirate of games out there, and their name is jasminstory. The crime? Ripping applications off the internet and selling them as their own. The punishment? The Android Community crushing the account of the defendant. The wrongdoing is instantly apparent when you take a peek at the list of games this "developer" has available, several of them created by completely different designers in their true form.

Yamaha R15 Motorcycle Gets Android’d

So you're a lover of Android, yes? You love it so much you're willing to plaster your vehicle with it? We were glancing around Tumblr today and happened upon a lovely machine which can be tracked back to BikePics, a site that hosts... well.. pictures of bikes. Motorcycles most of the time, I'd say. This one's a Yamaha R15 sharp as a tack 2009 model in black, and the owner (whom we assume is either sitting there on that Ratnagiri India beach or is behind the lens of the camera taking the photo.

Android Community Daily Wrap Up: January 14 2011

Today was pretty epic. There's a crapstorm going down and it's right in the midst of Samsung and T-Mobile, but mostly Samsung. The Samsung Fascinate is the subject matter and the event is the no-show of an Android 2.2 Froyo update PLUS the telling by a supposed insider of how the Fascinate's update is being held back so that the new version can be sold better. Today there was a backlast! A The Class Action Lawsuit in the morning, a little bit later in the afternoon a #NeverAgain Twitter Campaign, and in the evening the inevitable Samsung Response. That enough to tide you over? I hope so, all we've got to get through to see the rest of the links is this lovely picture right here!
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