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Android Community Daily News Round-Up

Today has been a busy one in the world of Android but I know you don't all have time to look through all the posts and forums so this is a little round-up just for you. I'll mention a few articles and link to them for your convenience. Lets start with SwiftKey X as it just launched on the market today and is available for both phones and tablets (not just Honeycomb either). They are offering both versions for a discount and only $1.99 til Saturday so hurry and get it while its hot (and cheap).

Android Community Now on Google+ and It’s a G+ Party!

All should know by now that there's a massive earthquake in the works that's going by the name Google+, or G+ if you're down with the G. This brand new social network is still in Beta mode, but you know us, we want to get to the party so early that they haven't even set the cups of punch out yet. Therefor we've got links to every one of our staff members so you can follow along that way OR you can follow up straight with our official Android Community G+ account!

Happy 4th of July from Android Community

Hanging out with friends and family during the holidays or weekends like this past one is what life is all about right? Well today is Independence Day and we here at Android Community want to wish each and every friend, follower, reader and everyone else a very safe and happy 4th of July. We hope you have all enjoyed the weekend, whether it was work or play or a little of both.

Android Community’s Gigantic XOOM Tablet Giveaway is Over! Thank You everyone!

Oh my goodness we are finished. Before anything else is said, let me thank NVIDIA, providers of the tablets for this contest for both AC and SG. Then - we've finally found five non-robot of-age human citizens of the USA to give five XOOM tablets to. You would not believe how hard it was to fill those requirements. Hopefully some international contests in the future, but for now, USA! We've got all five winners chosen, contacted, connected, and their XOOM units are sent. Two were given at our sister site SlashGear, three were given here at Android Community, all were given to folks who we hope will take the kind time to be kind and review their units once they're settled with them. This is only the beginning of the beginning!

Official Android Community Wallpapers [May 2011]

You wanted the best, you got the best - the hottest logo in the world, ANDROID COMMUNITY. With it's evil eyes, perfectly matched Android green bulk, and perfectly set letters - you know you've got to have it every which way you can get it! There've been some requests on reviews of late for the wallpapers we've been using to show off the goods, so here they are. Originally we'd planned on making them all different sizes, but it turned out that a couple standard sizes fit nice enough for us to approve.

Android Community XOOM Giveaway FINAL WINNER

Behold our final winner! His name is Ronald Kreger and he is one lucky dude! According to his entry text, he currently has a Droid X which he judges to have a horrible graphics card, and he wants a better one. Why, it just so happens to be that his randomly chosen winning entry will get him exactly that - and it's a double down! Kreger you've got 24 hours to contact yours truly and turn that Android frown upside down with a wifi-only XOOM - so many possibilities, and now they'll all be yours!

House of the Rising XOOM [Fan-Made Video]

There comes a time in every contest's life where an entry stands out so hard that I've GOT to post it up in the main feed. Here at Android Community we've got a XOOM giveaway going on where you enter by "liking" us on Facebook and posting on the wall. Each entry is considered equal, a random contest with random winners chosen, but this did not stop Android Community fan Jan Jorgensen from writing an epic re-telling of the House of the Rising Sun. Behold a masterpiece of Android fandom!

New Design for Android Community – Let Us Know What You Think!

We have been working around the clock on our new site design and layout for Android Community, and we want your feedback! We want to make the new design as clean, intuitive, and functional as possible. So take a look around at the new design, and then head over to our Facebook Page and let us know what you think. Leave a comment inside the post (not anywhere else or it won't be counted) letting us know what you think we could do to make the design or layout better.

Android Community’s Official “Glass” Boot Animation

Behold, the greatest boot animation you'll ever have seen in your entire life! As you're certainly well aware, one of the more instantly evident benefits of rooting your Android device is the ability to change the fancy animation that plays between your device's loading screen and your phone being fully activated after you turn it on. Up until now, you were only able to play the odd sweetness like a Particle Ring or an Apple Buster. Now you can have the tops - the sweetness - the brand new Android Community "Glass" Boot Animation!

Android Community’s Gigantic XOOM Giveaway Reminder [Now with Comments from YOU!]

We've got basically the biggest fattest contest ever going on right now, one with a total of FIVE wifi-only Motorola XOOM tablets for you to be winning: 3 here on Android Community, and two more on out sister site SlashGear. You could win one of these dual-core masterpieces for free and, unlike other giant contests like this one, you barely have to do anything to enter! Click a couple times and you're in!
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