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Get $5 free My Global Talk VoIP credit with Android Community

Android Community is giving users the opportunity to sign up to My Global Talk's VoIP service, for low-cost international calls, and we're throwing in some free credit to get you started.  Since we know our readers love getting something for nothing, if you sign up via the widget on the AC frontpage you'll get $5 credit straight away. It's ridiculously simple to get started: just fill in the details (name, email, mobile number and choose your device) and you'll receive your account information instantly.  From then on, to take advantage of My Global Talk's rates, you simply use their Android app - alternatively, since it integrates with the G1's Contacts and Recent Calls, you can't carry on calling pretty much as you have been already. $5 is enough for 250 minutes of chat with someone in the UK, calling from the US, or around 150 minutes with all your friends in Switzerland.  We're interested to hear how you get on with My Global Talk, and we're hoping you'll be vocal in letting us know.

Android 1.5 ‘Cupcake’ released

Android Community is hearing from multiple T-Mobile G1 users that Android 1.5 "Cupcake" is being pushed out as an OTA upgrade.  The system update, which was released officially to developers earlier this week, will be rolled out to handsets throughout May, according to one report. Cupcake 1.5 brings with it an on-screen QWERTY keyboard, necessary for the new breed of Android devices which lack hardware keyboards, such as the HTC Magic and Samsung I7500 (which will have the new version out of the box).  Other improvements include direct photo and video uploads to Picasa and YouTube, respectively, together with various behind-the-scenes improvements such as faster browsing courtesy of new JavaScript and webkit engines.  Video demo here. Reports are telling us that the update is reaching users in the US and Europe.  The Android 1.5 system update is a 44MB file, and as yet there's no way to artificially trigger its download, only wait for your carrier to push it OTA.  Keep track of progress in this forum thread.

Apology from Android Community

As you may have seen, Android Community was subject to a security breach yesterday.  While we have been advised not to make public the full details of the incident, a high-level password was compromised and an individual with issues against Android Community management took advantage of the situation to post defamatory and explicit content. We'd like to unreservedly apologize to anybody offended or insulted by the unauthorized content that was put onto the site and its forums.  We're working hard to make sure that this doesn't happen again, and we'd like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who got in touch to alert us to the problem.  We're also grateful to those Android Community users who consistently flag up forum and comment spam. Android Community is more than news and reviews, it's about like-minded people sharing their thoughts and ideas.  We're proud of our forum community, of the links we've built, and of our moderators.  If anybody notices something out of place that you think we may have missed, please get in touch; our contact details are in the forum as well as in the side-bar on the Android Community frontpage.

Android Community Week in Review – Week 1 2009

We started the week off with a hardware hack that allows users to use the T-Mobile G1 with an iPod dock and speakers. Though this hack is not pretty and only somewhat useful, it is very interesting and really gives the iPod the good old one two. Open source developers who prefer using Python to Java can now rejoice as Damon over at has managed to get it running on his G1. As most projects are in the first stages this is still a little rough, but it does show great promise with future development. More photos of the OpenMoko FreeRunner running Android have surfaced. Nothing new or exciting to report here. ShopSavvy needs your help to win the Crunchies 2008 Best Mobile App award. Voting only takes a few seconds and two clicks of the mouse. Please help Big In Japan win the award for creating such an amazing application. Google has sent out an email to those registered as developers informing them that paid applications will indeed be available in mid January. So grab the free applications while you can. HTC has a firm belief that the cupcake update will become legitimately available through Google in time. HTC has no say while Google and T-Mobile are in full control of what is included in the update. Right now Google and T-Mobile are declining to comment on such a statement. The guys over at VentureBeat have managed to get Android running on the Eee PC 1000 netbook. Though there are still a few issues with the port, they say that the process was fairly easy. There were a few other discoveries made while digging through the source code. The RC29 firmware has made its way to the Internet and now users who upgraded to the RC30 firmware and lost root access can now regain it. The process is fairly easy to do and has been confirmed to work. As with all firmware updates we advise you to proceed with caution.

Happy New Year from Android Community!

As 2008 comes to an end, everyone is ready to welcome 2009 with a bang. The Android Community team is going to spend this holiday with our friends and family. We hope all of our readers and community members have a fun and safe holiday out there. Unfortunately there will be no news on New Years (unless there is something too good to ignore), we will see all of you back here on Friday.
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