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Dead Zebra intros “…for Science!” Android Mini Collectibles Series

Dead Zebra has just launched a new series of new Android Mini Collectibles. The last series we've seen was the Serios 05 back in February. Now, we've got the geniuses like Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, and Nikola Tesla turned into mini Androids. The company says this limited edition series is designed especially for science. Actually, Dead Zebra calls this officially as “…for Science!”

Meet the new Android Mini Collectibles Series 05 [UPDATE]

I don't want to call these "toys" because I know a lot of geeks who would react. Hard-core Android fans don't want you calling these little Androids as toys because really, they're not. They are more than that. Dead Zebra has always been known to release design series of Android mini collectibles and just recently, the company launched the Series 05 arriving in most comic, toy, specialty, and online retailers all over the world soon.

Dead Zebra introduces new “Rainbow” Android collectible set

Android collectors are a hardcore bunch, and when it comes to the little Android guy itself, they simply can't get enough. For those who are looking for a more "vibrant" Android collection, Dead Zebra has introduced a new Rainbow set of him, which includes a figurine of him in 10 different and exciting colors. Crack your piggy bank, rob a bank, and mug the elderly; it's time to pick one up.

Google’s BugDroid LEGO set could become a reality, needs supporters

For all those Android fans out there that love the classic Google BugDroid, we have something just for you. Get out the old school LEGO set and have some fun Andy style. Last year you may remember a LEGO CUUSOO project where a few hopeful individuals launched a project to have an actual Android LEGO set -- and today we're happy to confirm it's only a few hundred away from reaching its goal.

“Chill” White Andru collectible charger now available

There is no lack of collectibles for the Android fanatic, but some have more functionality than others. While the Android collectible figures look nice on your shelf and take a mean picture, that's about all they do. With Andru, on the other hand, you're not only getting a cute little Android figure, but you're also getting a collectible that can actually charge your other devices.

Halloween Edition Werewolf Android collectible launches October 30th

Who's getting ready for Halloween? If you're one of the die hard fans of Android then you've probably seen or purchased a few of the extremely popular Dyzplastic Android Mini Collectibles. They've launched a few collectible series and always manage to sell out in a matter of minutes. Just in time for Halloween they are teasing us with their new limited edition "Werewolf" Mini.

Series 3 Android figurines going on sale September 24

We love our Android collectible figurines here at Android Community, so you could say we're pretty happy to hear that some new figurines are going on sale soon. If you're looking to add content to your current Android shrine, take note that the new Series 3 collection will be going on sale starting next week on September 24.
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