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Chrome for Android updated, pull down to refresh feature added

Google's Chrome Team has just updated the Chrome app for Android. The mobile web browser has received a bit of changes that if you're not observant, you won't actually notice. The Internet giant updated the app last January and added updates in line with the Material Design elements and Android 5.0 Lollipop. This time, the development team added the "pull down to refresh" function on Chrome. It's something we've seen in other Google apps already but it's only now that Chrome for Android is getting the feature.

Android malware spreads through infected websites

It's interesting to watch the security landscape unfold on a new platform like Android, in a macabre sort of way. On the one hand we have newfangled attacks that use relatively modern ways of stealing money or information, like phony text message trojans. On the other we've got old-school malware that spreads through modified versions of popular software. Now there's a new trick up malicious programmers' sleeves, though it's only new to Android: spreading malware through infected websites.

OverSkreen breaks the Android browser out of its full-screen cage

Mobile apps are full screen, because phones have small screens. That little bit of conventional wisdom drive a lot of app design... but since 7 and 10-inch tablets are now available in droves, not to mention some very large phones as well, perhaps it shouldn't be. That's the thinking behind the OverSkreen Browser, which breaks out the Android browser from the binds of full-screen oppression to roam all over your tablet screen, making friends with the apps running underneath it.

Dolphin Browser adds Evernote, Skitch functionality

Dolphin Browser HD remains one of the most popular third-party browser alternatives for Android with over ten million downloads, and at least part of that is because of the strength of its add-on system. In that respect it's often thought of as "Firefox for Android" (even though we now have, well, Firefox for Android). Today developer MoboTap is partnering with Evernote to add both the primary Evernote functionality and notation engine Skitch to its widening array of integrated services via Dolphin's add-on system.

Android Community App of the Week: Android 4.0 web browser

In my tenure here at Android Community, I haven't been shy about my love for Dolphin Browser HD. It's one of those apps that I immediately download on every phone and tablet I review, simply because I've grown to depend on its features and expandability. But after a week with the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich, I've found to my amazement that I just don't need it any more. The default browser that comes with Android 4.0 incorporates all of the features that made Dolphin a must-have, and it's faster and more stable to boot.

Dolphin Browser responds: Webzines disabled, no breach in user privacy [Updated]

Yesterday we posted findings from one intrepid XDA-Developers member who claimed that the popular alternative browser Dolphin Browser HD was sending private user information, including URLs, clicks and searches, to a remote server. The developer has responded with an explanation of the more technical aspects of their Webzine feature, and according to a representative that contacted us today, the part of the browser that raised alarms has been temporarily disabled. The developer claims that there was absolutely no breach in user privacy or data security. UPDATE: Dolphin Browser's PR representative has contacted us again to let us know that users should update to the latest version of Dolphin Browser, 7.0.2, to disable the security issues. Version 7.0.1 has not been modified.

Possible Dolphin Browser security and privacy issues found [Updated]

Dolphin Browser HD is one of the most popular 3rd-party browsers in the Android Market, and with good reason. But an issue with version 6 and the current version 7 have raised the eyebrows of some users over at the ever-inventive XDA-Developers forum. According to forum poster "Fnorder", the new Webzine feature records every link, search and visited page and sends them to a remote server. If true, the breach of Dolphin users' privacy is very disturbing indeed. UPDATE: In response to the security and privacy concerns, the makers of Dolphin Browser have disabled the Webzine feature. According to the developer, user browsing data was never saved, and users' security has not been compromised.

Major Firefox update in the works, including native UI and Flash

Mozilla brought Firefox to Android less than a year ago, but after nine months in development it's still lagging behind more experienced browsers on the platform. The developer has announced some big changes fro the mobile version, including a native user interface and Flash integration - again, something that's available in the stock browser and others already. Interested testers can build themselves an early version of the app, but it'll be a few months before the rest of us can get our hands on a beta.

BOLT Browser leaves beta, v3.0 now available in Android Market

Today the popular browser for Android called BOLT Browser has finally left the private beta and is ready to be bolted into the wild. Just as the name suggests "Bolt" browser is being touted as one of the fastest around and very speedy. Being improved to version 3.0 and finally available for users in the Android Market you can give it a try right now.
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