10 Billion Apps promo, day 9: EzPDF, Guns’n’Glory and Zenonia for 10¢

The penultimate day of Google's 10 Billion Apps promotion is upon us, and thankfully there's a fresh batch of apps and games to pick up on the cheap. Google is celebrating more than 10 billion (with a b) app downloads with apps discounted to just ten cents / pence, a discount of more than 90% in most cases. Today's batch of new apps includes EzPDF, Guns'n'Glory and Zenonia.

Facebook tops Nielsen’s list of most popular Android apps

I know, I know, stop the presses: Facebook is the most popular app on Android. The statistical wizards at Nielsen reached this conclusion based on active usage, not total downloads, noting that the recently-updated Facebook app has the most penetration across all of Android's user groups after the Android Market itself. The fact is at least a little surprising, since Facebook beat out Google's entrenched apps like Search, Gmail and Google Maps, which all had slightly lower user groups in every category.

International users can get in on Google’s new Currents app with leaked APK

We're just now starting to get a peek into Google's new Flipboard-style news service, Currents, but unfortunately non-United States users can't download the app from the Android Market. Luckily, they don't have to: a kindly XDA-Developers member has posted a leaked version of the international app. It looks like just about anyone outside of the fifty states can get in on the action, so head on over there to give it a try.

Google elaborates on 10 billion app downloads with infographic

What do ten billion downloads look like? For one Google graphic designer who's probably created enough home page doodles to last well into the next decade, it looks something like this. Not content to provide dozens and dozens of the most popular paid apps for just a dime, Google released a gigantic infographic to better illustrate the rapid progress of the Android Market, not to mention the diversity of its users.

10 Billion Apps promo, day 3: ADW, Tetris, and Homerun Battle for 10¢ [UPDATE]

Day three of Google's app extravaganza is upon us, and there's some premium apps with massive discounts that you'll definitely want to pick up. As a celebratory promotion for the Android Market hitting the 10 billion download mark, Google is partnering with top developers to price ten apps at ten cents/pence each day for ten days. ADWLauncher EX leads the pack on Friday following an Ice Cream Sandwich-style update.

10 Billion App promo day 2: Read It Later, Fruit Ninja and Beautiful Widgets for 10¢ [UPDATE]

Google's 10 Billion App celebration is in full swing, and one Reddit user has found most of the second day's promotional apps already. In addition to apps from yesterday like Minecraft, Asphalt 6 and SwiftKey X, a new crop of apps for the second day includes favorites like Fruit Ninja, Reckless Racing, and Beautiful Widgets for just 10¢. The apps are already at their discounted prices, though they aren't showing up on the promotional banner yet.

SwiftKey keyboard developer raises $2.4 million from investors

We've covered SwiftKey in its various incarnations a lot here on Android Community, and not without good reason. It's gained notoriety as one of the most popular Android virtual keyboards, no small task when your app duplicates core functionality, even if it is adding in a lot more. Octopus Investments would seem to agree: They've invested 1.5 million GBP, about 2.4 million dollars, in the small developer TouchType.

BlueStacks Android app player gets 550,000+ downloads

Just in case you were wondering, yes, ore excited about the prospect of running Android apps on their full-sized computer. BlueStacks, the startup software package that lets you easily run and sync Android apps to any Windows computer, has racked up more than half a million downloads since its  October debut. 550,000 downloads is an impressive achievement for a program that was only released in alpha form seven weeks ago, and at the time lacked support for anything other than Windows 7.