40 apps, one buck: AppZilla offers a ton of productivity on the cheap

And you thought Google's 10 Billion Apps promotion was a steal. Popular iPhone productivity suite AppZilla is now available from the Android Market, ready to give you an extra couple of populated pages in your app drawer of a single, solitary greenback. The collection of basic apps has been lauded on iOS for its utility and value, and now Android users can get the same budget-concious collection for themselves.

Expand Ice Cream Sandwich’s web capabilities with Browser+

The web browser built in to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich rocks. It's so fast and stable that it easily beats out any of the third-party alternatives, and new features like a Chrome bookmark sync, built-in full screen and a Desktop mode mean you won't need the extra features in apps like Dolphin Browser HD. But even the best can be improved upon, and thanks to Android's open-source nature, it has. Browser+ is now available for free in the Android Market, building a few handy extra features into Ice Cream Sandwich's built-in browser.

Unofficial Steam for Android lets you pick up PC games on the cheap

If you're a frequent PC gamer like me, odds are excellent that you use the Valve's Steam service constantly. It's become one of the most popular methods for buying games and connecting with friends over them, to say nothing of the awesome sales on downloadable games that happen most weekends. If you're tired of checking up on the Steam web store via your Android phone's browser, there's a new alternative out there: Steam for Android, from developer IBF Programs.

Tankbot lets you control tiny desktop warfare via your Android device

You're never too old to enjoy the simple pleasure of remote control toys. And the tiny, cheap remote cars and helicopters that have sprung up in the last couple of years are no exception - plus, they're great for driving pets nuts. If you'd like to integrate your remote-controlled fun with your unabashed Android nerdiness, Desk Pets has you covered with their new Tankbot. The tiny plastic robots can operate independently, or be directly controlled via your smartphone.

The 10 highest-rated Android apps of 2011

As the end of the year draws nigh, just about everyone is putting together their wrap-up stories that are, let's be honest, pretty predictable if you've been following tech news for 2011. But at least one story caught our eye this morning: Mobilewalla's app scores. Mobilewalla is one of many app aggregation services, though unlike a lot of Android specific sites, it doesn't distribute its own apps. Instead it keeps a close eye on the various app platforms and offers up an updated database of apps that anyone can use. This year, the top ten list is dominated by games.

Android activations, app downloads jump to massive levels on Christmas day

If Google saw three ships on Christmas day, on Christmas day in the morning, it might just need them to store all the cash it's going to make from a slew of new Android devices. Mobile analytics firm Flurry reports that combined activations for Android and iOS devices went from an average of 1.5 million a day (at least 700,000 Android smartphones, the rest divided among Android tablets, the iPhone, iPod and iPad) to almost 7 million on Christmas, making it easily the biggest day of the year for new smartphone and tablet users.

Gameloft preparing mega sale: all games 99¢ this weekend

Android games are a hot ticket, with millions of new tablet users springing up over the holidays. Gameloft is poised to take advantage of new potential users, one dollar at a time. The company is putting all of its Android games on sale this weekend to celebrate New Years. You read that right, folks: all of them. Every last Gameloft game, no more than 99¢.

Myriad Alien Vue brings Android apps to TV, minus Google

So, Google TV hasn't done very well so far. But that doesn't mean that big cable providers aren't sitting up and paying attention. A bevvy of app-enabled set top boxes from Apple, Google, Roku and others are starting to seriously worry the dinosaurs of the TV industry. So why not just add apps to current receivers? Most of them are basically just low-powered computers running a locked-down Linux derivative, after all. Myriad Group, the folks behind the Alien Dalvik software that allows iOS and other platforms to run Android apps natively, have done just that.

Google’s Android Developers offer free training site for aspiring app makers

I'll be the first to admit, I'm an absolute dunce when it comes to the finer points of software development. I once heard that you could make a pseudo sandwich with Linux, but that just ended up in a mess. Google's Android Developers team feels my pain, and wants to help me make that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers app I've been dreaming about. They've made a new section in the Android developer website, titled Android Training, with a wiki-style layout and a wealth of useful - and free - information.

10 Billion Apps promo, final day: Camera ZOOM, Shine Runner and Heavy Gunner for 10¢

It's been a fun ride, but now it's over: Google's 10 Billion Apps celebration has reached its final day. For the last nine days the company has been celebrating the Android Market's pivotal achievement of 10 billion total app downloads by discounting paid apps to a dramatic 10 cents. Some of the best-selling apps available have been put on sale by 90% or more. Today's new apps include Camera ZOOM FX, Shine Runner and Heavy Gunner 3D.