AutoCAD WS adds 2D editing, plans a lot more

If you're in the architecture, manufacturing, fabrication or 3D animation, odds are you either use or know of AutoCAD, the standard desktop application for computer-aided design. Publisher AutoDesk has a variety of Android apps available, but the one that's probably of most interest to CAD designers is AutoCAD WS, a remote viewer for DWG, DWF and DXF documents. The latest version (1.4) adds editing to 2D AutoCAD designs, in addition to GPS-enabled perspective viewing and access to files stored locally, on remote servers, email attachments or on the AutoCAD Cloud web app.

Bicycle prepares playing cards with NFC and Android apps

Fifty-two cards, four suits, with an ace and three face cards in each. It can't get much simpler, right? But it can get a whole lot more complicated. That seems to be the thinking behind Bicycle's new Jacked Up! cards, which feature an NFC chip embedded in each card. The cards can be read by any smartphone with an NFC chip, plus a free Android app. Separate decks will be sold for Solitaire, Hearts and War. (War? Really?) The Jacked Up! decks were displayed at the International Toy Fair, and should be available in April.

Cloud Music Sniper gives third-party apps access to Google Music

Google Music is pretty awesome - as an integrated service on Android, it's hard to beat. But there's just one issue with music stored on Google's servers, whether it's purchased from the Android Market or uploaded from your collection: it's only accessible from Android using the official Google Music app. With developer R2DoesInc's Cloud Music Sniper, that's no longer the case: this Market app allows any application to access locally stored songs from Google Music, so long as they've been downloaded to your phone/tablet's internal storage or SD card.

Porting your Android app to the BlackBerry PlayBook? Make due without ads

A lot of Android developers have been looking at the BlackBerry PlayBook as a new revenue platform, since RIM has developed a set of tools that make porting Android apps to the PlayBook OS a piece of cake. That interest only increased when RIM started literally giving tablets away to Android developers who joined the program. There's a hitch in the process, however: according to GigaOm, a RIM representative has stated that apps ported using the Android App Player won't support mobile ads, in addition to other limitations.

Double Fine Adventure headed to Android

If you've been following the gaming world for the last few weeks, no doubt you've heard about Double Fine Adventure, the new point-and-click project from beloved indie developers Double Fine. What's notable about the project is that they're skipping the publisher model all together and getting funding directly from fans, with the help of KickStarter. There was so much money donated that they blew past their $400,000 goal almost immediately, and are currently sitting on almost two million dollars for the project. That being the case, they've decided to expand the game to both Android and iOS platforms.

Desperate measures: BlackBerry Playbook developer giveaway extended by two weeks

Remember that stunk that BlackBerry maker RIM pulled to get Android developers to submit their apps to the BlackBerry App World? You know, the one that essentially gives away the company's one and only tablet to anyone willing to jump ship? After an excited initial response from Android developers, RIM has decided to extend the promotional program by two weeks. Devs, get those fingers in gear and head on over to the BlackBerry FAQ to get the skinny - you've got until March 2nd to submit your app, but only until February 15th (Wednesday) to sign up.

Free app downloads NASA photos for changing Android backgrounds

I've often considered that the only reason that the infinite reaches of space exists is so that nerds can have awesome photos to set on their computer desktop backgrounds. There's any number of options for Windows and Mac users to choose from, but when it comes to quality space wallpaper for Android, the selection is a little lacking. If you're looking for real photos from the Hubble Space Telescope and other astronomical hardware to put on your Android phone, look no further than Astronomy Picture of the Day ("APOD"), a free download from the Android Market.

Steam updates for performance and stability, 3rd-party apps return with new names

While PC gamers like yours truly were ecstatic when Valve finally released its official Steam app on the Android Market, the software itself left a little to be desired in its initial version. Of course that's to be expected in a beta release, but the combination of closed access and slow, protracted animations even on high-end phones made for a frustrating experience at times. Valve solved one problem when it opened the beta app up to everyone, then another today, with the application of its latest update.

StyleTag app brings out the fashionable side of your Android phone

Believe it or don't, not every Android users gets all of his or her clothes from the prestigious Sam Walton Collection. (Well, I do, but I know not everyone does.) For those with an eye towards both fashion and social collaboration, StyleTag combines the elements of Flickr's tagging system, Pinterest's photo-based social networking and Picasa's instant uploads. Their free app, "StyleTag: FashionSNS", has an admirably advanced user interface with tens of thousands of entries for the sartorially obsessed.

LibreOffice Android port progresses to prototype

A few months ago we brought you news that LibreOffice, the open source offshoot of popular free office suite Open Office, was headed to Android. While it would be wrong to say that the team of developers is making rapid progress, progress is nonetheless being made. The prototype app for Android tablets (Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich) was recently shown off in a single screenshot. Without passing too much judgement this early in development, I can say this: for those frustrated with the relatively sparse feature-sets of mobile office suites like Google Docs, it'll be well worth the wait.
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