Instagram for Android due “very soon” say developers

Hipsters and iOS converts rejoice: your long period of expressionless suffering is almost over. The photo app that's taken the Internet by storm and inspired dozens of beatings towards wannabe Ansel Adams of the world (unconfirmed) is coming to Android "very soon", said Instagram executive Kevin Systrom. Android users have been clamoring for an official Android app since the photo sharing service began to surge in popularity last summer. There still isn't any concrete date for the app's release, though it was shown running on a Galaxy Nexus at SXSW in Autsin.

SuperSU is redundant and awesome for root users

For anyone who's rooted their Android phone or tablet, the SuperUser app is a familiar and friendly face. If you don't know what it is, it's that "Droid and crossbones" menu that pops up to allow you to confirm or deny root permissions. After several years as the de facto standard, one XDA member named Chainfire aims to dethrone it with a much-improved application, SuperSU. (Yes, that stands for "Super SuperUser".)  The free and paid app adds a bevvy of new features for advanced users, and it's available on the Google Play Store right now.

Readability app headed to Android on Monday

In the latest round of iOS hits making the pilgrimage to Android (and taking a lot less time than that other one) Readability has announced that it will be available on the Google Play Store on Monday, March 12th. The free app is a certified hit on the iPhone and iPod touch, thanks to its ability to reformat web content into a more, well, readable presentation. It's not the only app that does it, nor is it the first, but it's been a long time coming and should be a boon to iOS converts.

SetCPU overclock app updates to 2.3 for Ice Cream Sandwich

CPU speed isn't everything, but to a certain segment of the Android community, it's the only thing that matters. Not unlike the gaming PC world, getting your phone to run as fast as possible is a source of pride among hardcore geeks. SetCPU has become one of the most-used methods forvrclocking a rooted phone, and now it's got an Ice Cream Sandwich-flavored update. The new app is available on the Android Market  Google Play Store for $1.99 - and no, you don't need to re-buy it if you already have.

We heard you like apps: AIDE builds Android apps on Android

There's a lot of tools out there to help aspiring developers get started on a new Android app, not the least of which is the newly-resurrected App Inventor from MIT. Now would-be app makers have a new option, specially suited to those whose skills or inclination tend towards Java: AIDE. The free app stands for "Android Integrated Design Environment", and is a full-fledged Java IDE contained within an Android app.

MIT revives the Android App Inventor

If you've got a great idea for an Android app but are somewhat lacking in the coding skills requires to create one, Google's Android App Inventor is a great way to get your hands dirty. At least it was, until Google pulled the plug on the service last year, giving registered users time to download their projects before hand. In a fit of charity, they posted the open source code for the web and desktop software to let anyone host and run their own clone of the service - a challenge which the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has heartily embraced.

OnLive expands Android offerings with free virtualized Windows 7 access

As surprisingly utilitarian as Android tablets are becoming, there's still a few things you've just gotta have a desktop for. Or do you? OnLive already allows access to top-of-the-line PC gaming over the Internet via its remote service, but the latest addition to their service is aimed squarely at getting some real work done. OnLive Desktop works a lot like is gaming service, but instead of a PC game you get a real live Windows 7 desktop, virtualized across the web without ever needing to touch your own PC. The best part? The entry-level version is totally free.

Desktop favorite VLC now available for Android

If you're as adamant about your desktop computer as you are about your Android phone (and if you're reading this, then odds are pretty good you fall into the latter category) then you've probably heard of Video LAN Player, colloquially known as VLC. The Swiss army knife of desktop media players has been on its way to Android for quite some time, but you can try out an unofficial build of the open-source video app now. This version is compiled using published code from the Linux desktop version - a more official app from is planned later this year.

Google posts Ice Cream Sandwich stencils for app developers and designers

One of Android 4.0's less-publicized but no less appreciated features is its focus on a refined interface, and Google'staking that to heart by making parts of it required for access to the Android Market. Those restrictions are for manufacturers, not developers, but a good dev always strives to make his or her app seamlessly fit in with the target OS. To that end, the Android Developers team has released a new set of digital stencils for app developers. T Hey can use this series of buttons, icons, shapes, colors and gradients to make their apps seamlessly flow with Ice Cream Sandwich.

Dolphin Browser adds Sonar voice control

The best third-party browser for Android just got a little better. Taking a cue from Ice Cream Sandwich itself, the latest Dolphin Browser update adds a host of voice control features all rolled into a system called Sonar. Far from just translating your voice into text (which you could already do by combining the standard Android keyboard with any text field) Sonar adds browser-specific commands to its interface, allowing for more precise touch-free control. You can download the latest version of Dolphin Browser HD for free in the Android Market.
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