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China claims will not hinder Android platform..

The Chinese government claimed today that they will not obstruct Google’s Android mobile operating system and will not impose  limits on its usage by Chinese phone companies as long as it complies with Chinese regulatory laws.  This is a response to a question posed whether the Android platform would be affected by the dispute between China and Google.

Android Community App Directory launches!

One of the features we get asked for most frequently here on Android Community is an applications directory, somewhere for developers to show off their hard work, users to file feedback and make suggestions, and generally a place to go to dig up new and interesting software for your Android smartphone.  So we're pleased to unveil the Android Community App Directory, a simple - but full-featured - way to promote your software. Listings in the App Directory can be as simple or as info-rich as you want, and the whole thing is organized by category with user-ratings and commenting.  You can also see which software is getting the most attention or the most feedback. We've got a number of new features planned that should roll out over the rest of this week, again answering some of the more common requests we've had over the past few months.  Let us know what you think - we're always open to suggestions!

Amazon UK MP3 store hits Android

Amazon's MP3 download store has been a feature of US Android devices since the beginning, but its taken until now for the on-device media store to hit the UK.  Fresh to the Android Market, the app allows users to search and browse Amazon's MP3 catalog and purchase DRM-free music for download to their smartphone. As well as manual searches, Amazon have provided shortcut links to the top 100 albums and top 100 songs, and they say any media you can access on the desktop version of the store should be accessible on the mobile client.  That means over 9m tracks, priced from £0.29 ($0.47) upwards. You can download the Amazon MP3 store from the Android Market now.

Beautiful Widgets App Now Available on the Android Market

So who doesn't like the SENSE UI on the latest HTC smartphones? I guess is safe to say that most of those who see it, fall in love with it. Heck, there's even a leaked Sense UI ROM for Android 2.1 out there. You don't have an HTC phone? Well, that might not be a problem now, as long as you have an Android-based phone. Beautiful Widgets has come to the rescue, and is now available on the Android Market. Beautiful Widgets is actually a set of widgets that run on Google's free mobile Android platform, with a stylish and nice looking design inspired by the HTC interface (Sense UI). So, all those Motorola DROID owners who would kill to have Sense UI on their smartphones, now you don't have to (killing is never good, you know). If you own a Samsung Android-based phone, you can also get this app to work for you. Next are the Features: - Two nice looking flip clocks with 12/24 hours support - Weather with realistic icons - Celcius and fahrenheit temperature - Automatic language detection - Geolocation for the weather city, or the ability to enter the city name - Automatic sunset/sunrise calculation - High res graphics for WVGA Devices (such as the Motorola Droid) - 1x1 beautiful Wifi/Bluetooth/Plane mode/Silent/Vibrate widgets to easily enable or disable them - 1x1 GPS widget that act as shortcut to enable or disable location in the settings. Check below for 2 screenshots of Beautiful Widgets running on a DROID by Motorola:

Gameloft thinks Android Market is weak compare to iPhone App Store

This one came down as a bomb to many game lovers out there, Gameloft, the French mobile phone games company, is cutting their investment in Android platform. According to Gameloft, not just them, but other software developers are cutting back because of the weakness of the Android Market. All of us know that compared to the Apple App Store, not just the Android Market, but any other app store from any other platform is smaller. But according to Alexandre de Rochefort, Gameloft's finance director;
We have significantly cut our investment in Android platform, just like ... many others. It (Android Market) is not as neatly done as on the iPhone. Google has not been very good to entice customers to actually buy products. On Android nobody is making significant revenue. We are selling 400 times more games on iPhone than on Android.
With all the attention in the mobile industry that Android has got lately, specially with the release of the Motorola DROID by Verizon, and Sony Ericsson bringing an Android based phone of their own. This, you would think, should not be happening. Anyway, comparing games on iPhone to Android as a base line doesn't look right (or fair). Android is growing, and will get to the point where those who are living will reconsider and come back, at least, that is my personal opinion. And I'm not an Android owner! So, what do you think? Let us know in the comments. [Via Reuters]

Vimeo Coming to an Android near you

As many of you already know, Vimeo is a great service for video lovers who sometimes look for more quality than the regular youtube experience. Unfortunately for Android and iDon't users, not having Flash support on these devices makes it hard to use anything else besides youtube. The good folks over Spanish site Xataka Movil are letting us know that Vimeo works on Android and the other phone. So far the Staff Picks and HD video showcase (high def channels from Vimeo) have been already converted to be Android friendly. Well, not all the videos, but that's a good start. And as you can see on the image above, support for all Plus Members will soon be available too. So Android and iDon't users can start to enjoy some of the fine videos that you can find at Vimeo. And as time goes by, and this gets on the right track, Vimeo might end up with an application for Android pretty soon. How soon? Well, not an exact date, but soon.

To all Android Developers: Either Agree to the New Terms or Google will Unpublish your app

Since yesterday, Android Market developers have received a not so happy email, at least not happy for many of them I would think. You see, Google has just made a few changes to the distribution agreement for the Android Market. According to Google, the new changes on the agreement have to be accepted by all developers, if they want their applications to be distributed through the Android Market. Android Market Developers will have to accept the new agreement, yes, every single one of them. If they want to keep on making Android applications, they must agree with the new changes within the following 30 days. So it looks like December 11th is the last day. And if devs do not comply, Google says that it plans to remove their apps from the Android Market. Below is the email that Android Market Developers have received from Google's Android Market Team:
You are receiving this email because you have applications published in Android Market. We’d like to let you know that there is a new Developer Distribution Agreement (DDA) for Android Market. The next time you sign in to the Android Market publisher website, you’ll be asked to agree to these new terms before continuing. If you have not accepted the new DDA by Friday, December 11, 2009 12:00:00 AM Pacific Standard Time, your application(s) will be unpublished from the Android Market. You can view and accept the new agreement by visiting Please do not reply to this message. Thanks, The Android Market Team

Spotify Mobile hits Android Market

Spotify have finally released their official app into the Android Market, meaning that premium subscribers to the music streaming service can now access tracks on the move.  As promised, the app delivers on-device database browsing, playlist creation and offline playback. The offline playback means that playlist contents are cached, and can be replayed while the Android device is temporarily without a 3G or WiFi signal or indeed switched to airplane mode.  A third-party app delivering catalog access was released back in August, but removed at the request of the company themselves. Spotify Mobile for Android (and the iPhone/iPod touch app, which has also been released today) is available for download now, and requires a subscription to Spotify Premium.  That costs £9.99 per month ($18); currently Spotify is only available in the UK, France, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Spain, though a US launch has been tipped for as early as the end of 2009. [youtube][/youtube] [via SlashGear]

Android Google Maps gets Latitude, voice search and transit directions

Google Maps for Android is now even better than before, thanks to new features and a few fixed issues with Google Latitude.  You can now search Google Maps for Android simply by speaking your query and Google Maps will search it for you.  Google’s voice recognition engine currently understands English in American, Australian and British accents.  Other notable features, once you find what you’re looking for, include store hours, prices, ratings, and reviews. When traveling to San Francisco or New York City, I do a lot of walking and/or take public transportation.  Up until now, mapping out walking directions or transit for Google Maps for Android was sorely missing.  Thanks to the updates, these two features are available in over 250 cities, including NYC and San Francisco. Google also improved Google Latitude by fixing an issue that caused background location updates to periodically stop for some users.  So now, once you select “Detect your location” from the Latitude privacy menu, your location will continue to update as long as your Android phone is on.  There’s also a new experimental feature called Updates that lets you connect with your friends and post messages.  To test out this new feature, start Latitude and click the “Updates” tab to broadcast your updates. [youtube][/youtube] The upgrade isn’t pushed to your Android phones so make sure to download it in the Android Market by searching for "Google Maps" and then following the instructions. [Google Android]
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