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App retailer GetJar scores venture funds

Thanks to skyrocketing sales of the Android platform amongst smart-phone users, independent mobile app retailer GetJar has scored $25 million in venture capital from such angels as Tiger Global Management and Accel Partners.  With previous investments, the total amount that GetJar has raised to create a serious Android market outlet has surpassed over $40 million.  The venture funds will enable GetJar to expand sales, marketing and engineering in order to create a leading Android app portal in a rapidly growing retail market of Android based app stores.

RuniK Updates to Verzion 2.1, Turns Out to be Awesome

Let me tell you about an game for Android we were told about today, and I assure you you'll have no trouble playing it all weekend long. RuniK comes from a long line of bubble-breaker games in which the user is asked to touch, tap, or click the pieces once they're in matched rows and columns in order to make them disappear. This is sort of an inverse Tetris, as generally bubble breaker games come with a full screen of items, your task being to make them go away before your time is up or they've advanced low enough that your barrier is broken. RuniK has no time limit, and the strategy is thusly much more complicated.

How Does a 95% Profit Cut for your Android App Sound, Mister Developer?

So you've developed an app for Android and you don't know what step is next. Perhaps you've registered for the Android Marketplace but you can't quite bring yourself to hit the button that'd release your app into the wild through this Google-sanctioned marketplace. What are your options? Well you can choose a different app distribution point for one, or you could sell the app yourself if you like. Which option is best? How about the one that gives you a 95% profit cut of whatever your app brings in for sales? Sounds pretty good to us.

Trapster Android App Users: Y’all Got Hacked

The team working on the Trapster app (that one that helps you speed and mark speed traps and crash into walls and etc,) have sent warning that their site has been compromised, and that indeed the emails and passwords of thousands of their users had been taken - taken for what, you may ask? Taken for some spam! A helpful Android Community tipster by the name of Pam has tipped us off to this terrible event, recounting for us exactly what happened to her and the email sent out by Trapster as warning to others.

Windows Phone 7 Launcher On Android

The good people over at the xda-developers not only have developed WP7  themes for Android, but also a new launcher from XDA forum member seraph1024. Perfect for those that like the looks of WP7, but want their Android fix. It seems that it does not work with stock Samsung phones. However, I got the app to work on a rooted Samsung Galaxy S. Just go to the Android Market and search for "Windows Phone Android Lite". There is a paid version too, if you would like to tip your hat to the developer, but as of right now, the applications are exactly the same. Check out a list of features after the break.

Lite version include:

  • Pin to front page tiles
  • remove from front page
  • uninstall apps
  • dark and lite themes
  • 4 accent colors (Blue, Green, Red and Orange)
  • limited system messages
[Via XDA]

ComboApp Makes Creating Apps Much Easier

ComboApp launched today, this tools allows anyone to make an app for Android in 5 minutes or less. It has a simple web-based UI that you can use to create an app with a few clicks of your mouse.

Microsoft releases first app for Android platform

Things just keep on getting more interesting, as Microsoft has just announced the launch of its first-ever app for the Android platform.  Yes, that’s Google’s Android platform.  Dubbed Tag, it’s similar to the Microsoft’s iPhone app of the same name, and lets you use your handset as a mobile barcode reader.

Plen, an Android-controlled android

Plen is a “desktop hobby robot” released by Akazawa (think Japanese hacker whizzes), and has a name derived from the English word “Plain”. But this little android is anything but plain, as it’s a miniature bipedal robot that can be controlled via your Android handset.
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