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Graffiti app turns your Android into a work of urban art

Android App Developer Elite Gudz has released an app that turns Android headsets into a work of urban art. Having reached #1 in Entertainment and Free Apps at the iTunes App store, the app, dubbed Graffiti Spray Can, allows for creating virtual graffiti art with realistic shake animations and rattle sounds, spray skins and colors and touch screen spray action. Users can create high definition backgrounds and then upload them to Facebook, Twitter, and eMail. Graffiti Spray Can by real graffiti artists including New York artist Phetus, who has been working in the street art movement since the beginning.

Popcap Smartphone Study shows interesting results for Android game play

The 2011 PopCap gaming survey is out and it yields some interesting results pertaining to mobile gaming demographics. The 94 page survey report states that while overall mobile game use is slightly waning, the amount of time gamers are playing on their smartphones is increasing. Additionally, nearly as many female gamers as males play mobile games on their smartphones. But the real shocking result is that the average age of mobile gamers isn't as young as one would expect.

Angry Birds keeps rolling with new content in March

Rovio Mobile has tweeted that Angry Birds will receive new levels to Angry Birds and and will likely include some Spring themes in Angry Birds Seasons this March. The news of new levels follows up on news that Angry Birds will launch a custom RIO level, based on the Fox animated feature RIO, and will be making it's way to other gaming platforms including PC and the PS3. Angry Birds Seasons, the Holiday themed follow-up to the popular app, released a 25 level set for winter during the holidays to go with it's 45 level Halloween theme, as well as a Valentine pack that was released for lovers everywhere earlier this month. And with our weather now moving towards an early Spring, will we likely see some themes celebrating Easter, Saint Patrick's Day, and maybe even March Madness?

USA Today launches a honeycomb of an app

First it was The Daily. Then came Sports Illustrated. And now USA Today has tossed it's hat into the newspaper app ring with a new USA Today app specifically built from the ground up for Android 3 (Honeycomb) and the Motorola Xoom. Along with the graphics and color photos that grabbed America's attention, USA Today's coverage has gone interactive with the latest news, sports, weather and stock quotes. In addition, thanks to the always on nature of the app, users will get news as it breaks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Google Places opens up new features

Google Places has added some extra search features which will make it easier for users to find what they're looking for when they're on the go. Under the Places tab, there's now an option to show only businesses that are open now. That's sure to come in handy for a late night snack after an evening of clubbin'. Users can also serach by star ratings and even distance, so, if users are at the movies and want to grab a good burger, Places can now help with that.

ZDbox All-in-One Android Toolbox for Complete Non-Root Control [Mini-Review]

Although we're obviously very much into hacking and the inside control of your device via the breaking apart of the systems set in place by the powers of the manufacturers and the carriers, sometimes it's nice to see an app that'll do all sorts of useful stuff for everyone, not just those with a working knowledge of how to break down and build up a phone from scrap. What the following app does is offer you an entire toolbox of functionality all in one place, from traffic info to app lock to do not disturb and more!

Driver uses his Android phone to beat ticket

A college student has used an app on his Android phone to beat a ticket in traffic court. Sahas Katta was pulled over by local police and given a speeding ticket for going 15 miles over the speed limit. Trouble is, Sahas, wasn't speeding. But could he prove it? Then he remembered an app he had on this Motorola Droid that could provide the evidence.

Android to get Pay Version of Angry Birds within a month

Responding to a "tweet" from a fan about when a pay version of Angry Birds with no ads would be available on the Android Platform, @RobioMobile stated that they are putting the finishing touches on the popular mobile app game and it should be ready for Android within a month. It looks as if Rovio is working to time the new Android ad-free version with Angry Birds Rio, based the upcoming animated feature by Fox, which will be out March 22nd. That's certainly good news for Angry Birds fans who need to destroy pigs wherever they go.

Twitter lets third party clients out of the penalty box

Third party Twitter client users can rejoice. Twitter's Help Center is reporting that TwiDroyd and Uber Social for Blackberry (aka UberTwitter) are now back in business. Having made sufficient changes to the way they handle user Twitter feeds in order to correct the policy violations that grounded a handful of Uber Twiter clients last Friday, UberMedia's Twitter Clients now have access to the core Twitter API and can start giving access to Twitter feeds immediately. As we reported last Friday, both UberMedia (with Twitter clients including UberTwitter, Echofon, and others) and TwiDroyd, were suspended for policy violations pertaining to using Twitter feeds to maximize monetary gain.

Google announces cloud based video editor for Android Tablets

Today at their Mobile World Congress keynote address, Google's outgoing CEO Eric Schmidt announced the creation of Google Movie Studio, a cloud based movie editor which will allow users to harnass the power of the cloud to edit video, stills, music and effects and then upload it to YouTube with a near instant push of a button. Last year, when Apple announced an iMovie app for iOS 4 devices, the room gave a collective "ooh and aah" of the potential for shooting and editing video on a mobile device. But to do it all in the cloud is brilliant.
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