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Angry Birds Seasons: Easter available now

Well, Spring has sprung and that means only one thing (other than some rodent being right about his shadow), that there's a new version of Angry Birds Seasons out! Angry Birds Seasons: Easter edition is now available in the Android Market. The new chapter of the insanely successful gaming app offers 15 new Spring themed levels, chocolate and bunnies, more Golden Eggs, and the ability to listen to the "twitter" of birds for more features.

Adult Swim tests the Android Waters with Robot Unicorn Attack

Nickelodeon's popular Adult Swim division is testing the waters by releasing their first Android app, a game called Robot Unicorn Attack. The app will sell for $1 and have Open Feint Support. But the good news is, that if the sales of the game go well, Adult Swim will then port "Heavy Metal" and "Christmas Editions" of the game to the Bot from iOS. Currently, both are only on iOS platforms and have been selling very well.

Android App Downloads pass 3 Billion

In it's first quarter 2011 earnings call, Google let it be known that over three billion apps have been downloaded from the Android Market since it opened. The tally reflects a 50% increase in Android app downloads since the last quarter of 2010. Google didn't go into details over what apps had been downloaded multiple times, meaning that the tally could be reflecting a percentage of apps that have been re-downloaded to replace and app that had been deleted. But even with that possibility, it's still an impressive tall.

DROID TV turns your Android into a mobile television experience

Everyone is still looking for that killer app that will rival iTunes for media consumption. Sure there's audio options out there including Double Twist and Pandora, but what about for watching your favorite TV shows? Hulu for Android is still not out. YouTube has the market cornered on viral videos. What about watching real shows? Droid TV may be that killer app. But not for everyone.

Amazon Appstore for Android Launches today

Amazon launched it's Amazon Appstore for Android today. And to celebrate, the bookseller is offering Angry Birds RIO for .99 all day today, and a regularly paid app available for free every day. The App store, which got major notice when Rovio opted to sell it's line of Angry Birds titles exclusively, represents serious competition to the Android Market and could represent a real threat to the dominance of the iTunes App Store.

Kyocera Echo needs App Developers

Just looking at the sweet dual screen design of the Kyocera Echo, it's easy to see the potential. More real estate means more capability for apps. And being a dual, split screen can also mean more specific development that needs to be done on Android apps it will use. Kyocera knows it, so they're enacting a program to entice more app developers to create content for the dual screen platform. Developers will have access to the Echo Software Development Kit and other tools which will enable them to optimize their apps for the dual screen platform.

German company ExB offers cloud storage for Android tablets

With a move underway to move everything to the "cloud," German company ExB is porting it's popular cloud based storage solution "petitpetit" (PTPT) to the Android Platform. Most tablets have limited storage, and often, the information users have isn't organized in a method they can access and process intuitively. petitpetit acts as a kind of personal "Wiki" organizing contacts, photos and videos, and even various documents in a manner than can accessed, cross-referenced, and even collated according the need of the moment. Android developers can also take advantage of the Wiki based application by embedding the user interface into their apps framework as well.

Words with Friends Sharing Personal Info

A fan of the popular Android game app Words with Friends, got a peak into the kind of information is shared with advertisers after he had problems with the game crashing. Smackywolf over at Reddit Android discovered that the game sends the following information to advertisers: the users MEI, the build of the phone and it's make and model, brower details. Smackywolf believes that with that information, advertisers has access to his carrier, his unique browser ID, phone fingerprint, email address and possibly his phone number. And he's not happy about it.

Google Maps for Android updates – now with rerouting

Google has updated to it's popular Google Maps app which relies on both historical and current traffic data to plan routs and offer alternates. The previous version, could advise drivers of bad traffic ahead and offer a shortest alternative, but often times, the shortest route wasn't always the fastest. The new version will offer three alternatives, the distance of each route and the projected time it takes to transit the detour.

Android Malware Apps get official attention …

Recently there's been some concern about malware in the Android Marketplace. Hackers have been repackaging legitimate Android applications with spyware embedded and resubmitting them, causing mobile devices to be infected with malware after download. Here's some official words from Linda Liu, Global Marketing Director of the mobile security firm NetQin, on the steps Google is taking to combat the trend:
Recently, a new spyware named "DroidDream" causing privacy leakage was found on Google's Android Market. The spyware was embedded in repackaged legitimate applications and uploaded to the Android Market by the developers "Myournet", "Kingmall2010" and "we20090202". Mobile devices will be infected after download. Google has removed more than 50 infected applications from Android Market and remote deleted the infected apps downloaded to the users' devices to prevent further spreading of the malware. Even though Google has taken a series of control measures in the wake of the event, there seems to be a need for more to be done.
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