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WIMM Labs 1.4″ Wearable Android Platform hands-on [Video]

Today I have a unique and exciting bit of information for you all. WIMM Labs today has just unveiled their newest innovation and it sure looks exciting to say the least. The WIMM Wearable Platform is a new 1.4" display that will be powered by Android and tons of "micro apps" to take advantage of the thin, sleek, powerful and unique platform. This is wearable Android ladies and gentleman, and I want one as soon as possible.

Dropbox Gets An Update, Adds Thumbnails and Folder Deletion

I'm going to start by saying if you haven't used Dropbox you should probably go and download it like right now, Talk about convenient. Dropbox lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos everywhere you go. My favorite is I use it as a APK manager and I have all my apps right at my fingertips everywhere I go, among other things of course. They just updated on the market and added some needed features.

Android Market Now Offers over 250,000 Apps

We are getting tons of news rolling in over this Google Q2 earning report they posted this morning. Tips keep coming in as everyone reads over the fact sheet and breaks down the huge numbers posted. Things are really looking up for Google, with over 550,000 activations daily to huge revenue profits they are happy campers so far in 2011. It appears the Android Market has also seen huge growth and they are revealing new numbers for that too.

Spotify Premium Android App Review [USA]

I've been lucky enough to get myself a PREMIUM account for the brand new Spotify service that just launched this morning in the USA. I'll be showing you it right now. If you didn't know Spotify is a digital distribution service giving you access to over 15 million songs all available on-demand and buffer free. I've been enjoying it over the past few days and so far I'm completely amazed, I've spend hours and hours listing to all types of music I forgot I even knew. It has been available in the UK for almost 2 years now but is just finally landing on the U.S. and you guys should all be excited.

Official: Spotify Coming to U.S. Tomorrow

Spotify is the extremely popular and award winning digital music service millions of Europeans use every day, and tomorrow morning Spotify is announcing it will be available for the U.S finally. We heard it was coming and they have a great Android app to go along with it, but this is official news and I am excited. My co-workers in Europe love spotify and use it daily.

Twitter Update: Adds Push Notifications for Android

Twitter has finally updated their app for Android and they added one of the most requested features and that is PUSH notifications, Finally! That isn't the only big change, users have also been wanting the option to use multiple accounts for a long time and today that wish came true also. The update is available in the Android Market already and both feature seem to be working great.

Developers Can Afford to Wait on iPhone and Develop for Android

The main co-founder of Android, Rich Miner has been talking about the developer side of Android as of late and it looks like over the past 6-8 months the amount of growth on the platform is giving him the confidence to say things like our above said title. As recent as 6 months ago he was quoted recommending that start-ups focus on the iPhone first and then move to Android, but things have changed.

GetJar To Apple: We’re Not Going To Take It! Steve Jobs isn’t our Dad

Recently it looks as if Apple is going after anyone that might be getting in their way, or even close. Amazon is not the only one being attacked by the bullies over at Apple over the use of the term "App Store" and apparently they are now after GetJar. The list goes on and on from Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Amazon and plenty more I've most likely forgot about since they seem to be suing everyone.
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