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Angry Birds GO racing game quietly teased

While all the hype in new racing games from Microsoft and Sony with their respective launches of brand new consoles is enough to make our eyes bleed in succulent happiness, the idea of a new Angry Birds game that involves racing certainly can't be overlooked. If it's to be as comedic as previous Angry Birds titles, it'll be sure to be a blast, and may even (in some way) be the perfect time killer for those taking a break from all the realism that the aforementioned big companies provide.

Asphalt 8: Airborne brings new features, and better bang for your buck

Today we got our first preview of the new Asphalt 8: Airborne, and it looks awesome. Gameloft's racing game is a favorite among mobile gamers, and their latest release looks good, while also being cheaper. The new Asphalt 8 will set you back exactly $.99, making it an even better value than Asphalt 7 was. With a host of new changes and enhanced features, you'll be wanting to get it as fast as humanly possible.

Verizon’s 3rd 4G outage this month ends, activation servers may be down now

Verizon Wireless customers have a lot to be angry at for the moment. The carrier posted on Twitter that the latest of its 4G outages is over, with the added message that 3G data and normal call functions weren't affected. The half-day interruption in service was the third in December ,and the problem is becoming an increasingly black eye on Verizon's reputation as "America's most reliable network". Add to that a new foible for Verizon: an increasingly irate comment thread at the carrier's support forum says that new phones aren't activating via Verizon's servers, something that's been echoed in our own comments section.

CVS Caremark app launches for Android, manage prescriptions on the go

CVS Caremark has announced their official Android application. The app, available at no cost today, allows users to access the CVS prescription drug information database to learn more about their prescriptions as well as allows for safe and secure management of refills and prescriptions. The database has information, images, dosing details and more for those in need, more details below.

Honeycomb paid apps increase four-fold, says Google

At the Android Developer's Lab in London this morning, Google laid down this gem of a statistic: the number of paid apps being purchased on Honeycomb tablets has increased almost four times over in comparison to other versions of Android. You can see the (rough) growth in the presentation chart posted by Little Fluffy Toys. It claims that Honeycomb users install a much higher number of paid applications than any other section of Android users.

Pogoplug Photo, Music, and Video Streaming App for Android Updated

Recently the Pogoplus app for Android received a large update that includes many new features and bug fixes. For those that don't know much about Pogoplus it's like Dropbox, or Google Music bundled into one. You can stream and share picture, movies, music and documents to everywhere from anywhere you'd like.
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