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Zagat Android app updated, bringing new tablet layout and expanded results

When Google purchased Zagat, they did one smart thing: made it free. We no longer had that pay wall we were used to for Zagat, and Google had an immediate impact on reviews for restaurants. They also diminished the service for some reason, as the app no longer tracked as many locations as it once did. The Android app is seeing an update, bringing a bit more of the lost features back, but not enough.

Quip, a mobile-first word processor, is now available for Android

Mobile document creation and editing is one of the linchpins for mobile success. If — as companies like Google and Microsoft want — we’re going to go more mobile than desktop, we need stronger productivity tools. Google has Drive, which is clearly a desktop service first, also has a very robust mobile system as well. Quip, on the other hand, puts mobile ahead of everything. Cal app arrives for Android

The To-Do & Task list app has been available for Android for some time now, however there is a new addition that has arrived from the folks at today. The new addition is Cal, which as the name suggests, is a calendar app. The Cal app is free, touted as being a simple and smart calendar and perhaps key here, it should be a nice match for those already using the to-do and task list app from

VSCO Cam Android release set for December 3rd

VSCO Cam touts itself as being "the standard of mobile photography" and as of tomorrow, Android users will be able to put that to the test. The app had long been available only for iOS, though, the team behind the app did confirm an Android app was in the works. That confirmation came several months back, but again, the app is expected to arrive in the Play Store as of tomorrow, December 3rd.

FlightTrack 5 tries to make your journey less stressful

No one can really make problems associated with traveling completely disappear, but there are some ways to prepare for them or at least make them more tolerable. Mobiata believes it posses some of those solutions and that the latest major update to its FlightTrack mobile app makes the traveling experience even better.