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Airbnb updates Android app, brings reviews and host calendar view

Airbnb, the popular home renting service, has updated their Android app. What was once a simple way to peruse homes and apartments for rent has quickly morphed into a full-fledged mobile service. Today’s update brings one of the most crucial aspects to the Android version in the ability to write reviews. The update also gives a refreshed listing page, and the host’s calendar will now show on the listing page.

P90X fitness app arrives to motivate Android users

The P90X workout isn't anything new. In fact, they seem to have bumped the routine up to P90X3. But what is new though, the Android app. The release of the app should add a bit of convenience for those who have already been doing the program, but it should also be good for those who were waiting for the app before they purchase the workout program itself.

Zagat Android app updated, bringing new tablet layout and expanded results

When Google purchased Zagat, they did one smart thing: made it free. We no longer had that pay wall we were used to for Zagat, and Google had an immediate impact on reviews for restaurants. They also diminished the service for some reason, as the app no longer tracked as many locations as it once did. The Android app is seeing an update, bringing a bit more of the lost features back, but not enough.

Quip, a mobile-first word processor, is now available for Android

Mobile document creation and editing is one of the linchpins for mobile success. If — as companies like Google and Microsoft want — we’re going to go more mobile than desktop, we need stronger productivity tools. Google has Drive, which is clearly a desktop service first, also has a very robust mobile system as well. Quip, on the other hand, puts mobile ahead of everything.