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NoWait goes nationwide, allows you to join restaurant wait lists from your phone

Tired of calling restaurants, only to hear they don’t take reservations? How about being in a bustling area with tons of busy restuarants, trying to decide which is your best bet for getting a seat quickly? If the team behind NoWait has their way, those days may be coming to a close. Their app, which lets you view wait times and reserve a spot in line, has gone nationwide.

Bing Rewards arrive for Android users

Bing Rewards has gone mobile. The search-based reward program has come available for Android users, as well as for iOS users. We tend to focus on the Android side here, but in this case it was hard to notice the Windows Phone support is still listed as "coming soon." Putting the platform availability to the side, Bing Rewards will let Android users search and earn, and also take advantage of offers from their smartphone or tablet.

THX Tune-Up app arrives for Android

THX Ltd. has released their tune-up app for Android users. The app arrived in the Play Store this morning and is listed as THX Tune-Up. The tune-up app is touted as being easy to use and interactive. Perhaps key here, THX Tune-Up will allow users to adjust their television, projector and speakers for the best setup and best performance.

Changes to Android might disable some root apps

Of the subsets within Android, those who enjoy rooting their device for various purposes remain one of the more loyal. Rooters are fond of the vast customization options allowed them, with many rooting a device straight away after purchase. With the newest version of Android, the rooting community might see a slight setback.
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