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Bolt, a VoIP app which supports regular calls, launches in the Play Store

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, holds a lot of promise. It also causes a lot of headaches, as users must sign-up for the service for it to work properly. Asking friends and family to join in can be rather problematic, and calling outside of the service often causes more headaches than it’s worth. Bolt aims to solve those problems by bringing the best of both worlds.

Flappy Bird — can we really say goodbye?

Now that Flappy Bird is gone from us, we’re left wondering what just happened. A game, which has been in existence (and available!) for months, suddenly rises like a Phoenix and scorches the earth below. Frustrating, ugly, and maddeningly simple, Flappy Bird was pulled from various app stores over the weekend. Did we learn our lesson, though?

Top Play Store apps revealed in Distimo study

The apps we use can tell us a lot about ourselves. Are we gamers, productivity fiends, or social media junkies? Distimo has released their latest quarterly numbers about the top apps, and it says a lot about how we use our phones. Turns out we like distractions.

Basecamp arrives for Android as company sheds ’37signals’ name

An official Basecamp app has arrived for Android. For those unfamiliar, Basecamp is a tool for project management. While the app itself is free, users will need to have a paid Basecamp account. More to the point here, we suspect this will come as good news for current Basecamp users who may have felt left out due to the lack of Android app.

Talon for Twitter reaches major 1.3.0 milestone

Barely a month after landing its apps on Android, developer Klinker Apps has just announced version 1.3 of its Talon for Twitter app. Though the time period has been relatively short, this update boasts of quite a few useful new features and improvements already.

NoWait goes nationwide, allows you to join restaurant wait lists from your phone

Tired of calling restaurants, only to hear they don’t take reservations? How about being in a bustling area with tons of busy restuarants, trying to decide which is your best bet for getting a seat quickly? If the team behind NoWait has their way, those days may be coming to a close. Their app, which lets you view wait times and reserve a spot in line, has gone nationwide.
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