Android App Update

Opera for Android exits beta, we go hands on

Opera launched the WebKit based browser for Android earlier in the year and at the time, the app was sporting a beta tag. Well, flash forward till today and another Opera browser update has arrived for Android users and this time around the browser has ditched the beta tag. Basically, while this release and these features are now ready for prime time, this update should look and feel familiar for those who had been using the beta.

Google+ Hangouts app update adds tablet support

Google released the Hangouts app shortly after the I/O keynote on May 15th and while the device support was listed as being for Android 2.3 or later, there were some limitations to that. One of which was in regards to tablets. Google had put a note in the Play Store description saying that said tablet support would be available soon and it looks like that update has since arrived in the Google Play Store.

Skobbler for Android update adds turn-by-turn navigation

We know that Google Maps has some updates in the works, however it looks like another maps app has also been updated. This other is from Skobbler and the updated app is currently available in the Google Play Store. The app is called GPS Navigation & Maps + offline, though some may recognize the Skobbler name from ForeverMap 2. Basically, in addition to adding new features, Skobbler also updated the name.

Field Trip for Android update brings additional country and language support

Field Trip is an app that is designed to help you find interesting things that are happening in the real world. As the name would imply, it should be good for those taking a trip as the discovery could point you towards things that you may have missed otherwise. The app runs in the background on your phone and provides alerts when you are near something that may be of interest. With that in mind, it looks like a recent update will make Field Trip a bit more useful for the world traveler.

Facebook adds, then deletes ongoing expandable notifications

We are still waiting for the Facebook Home update to come available in the Google Play Store, however in the meantime, the company has rolled out an updated release of the regular Facebook app. This update is currently available and the changelog details a few minor, but welcomed additions. Aside from what we see in the changelog though, there seems to have been something else that was added and later removed.

Flipboard magazines arrive with v2.0 update, we go hands-on

As mentioned earlier in the day, Flipboard v2.0 has come available for Android users. As such, we spent some hands-on time checkout out the new features. The key feature with this update was the magazine functionality and as a result that will be the first thing mentioned upon launch after updating. The Flipboard app, for those who missed the earlier post, will now allow you to create personalized magazines.

Flipboard for Android update brings magazine feature and more

Flipboard 2.0 was announced back at the end of March and to the disappointment of Android users, it was initially available only for iOS users. Android users were further teased at the end of April when Flipboard shared details about how well they were doing since the 2.0 app update. At that time they were talking about the record growth, however they did offer a bit of teasing for Android users saying Flipboard 2.0 would be available "very soon."

Falcon Pro update brings new customization options and features

It hasn't been all that long since the last Falcon Pro update, however as of this morning, another has appeared in the Google Play Store. This update has the app jumping up to version 1.9 and along with the new numbers comes some new features and some new options for customization. Otherwise, the app remains priced at $1.96, however as one would expect -- those who have preciously downloaded Falcon Pro will get the update for free.

Rovio’s Bad Piggies updated with new levels and new gadgets

Rovio has rolled out the latest update for Bad Piggies. This update brings 15 new levels for those playing on the regular version as well as the HD version. Also included with the new levels are a few new tools. Specifically, Rovio has included two new tools which will be used to help you towards your goal of tracking down the "elusive" chocolate cake.
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