Android App Update

Google Play Movies & TV app update brings new layout and design

The Google Play Movies & TV app has recently been updated. This one doesn't appear to be a big update in terms of new features, however it does bring the app in line with the new layout we have seen Google rolling out for the other Play apps. Not to mention, a few other small changes that may or may not be welcomed.

Google Search update touches on music and television

The latest Google Search app update has arrived in the Play Store and this is one that will benefit those running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or later. The update brings some new features and functionality, one of which involves television and will be limited to those living in the US. Moving forward Google Search will be able to provide information about shows you are currently watching.

Foursquare update brings the ability to check a friend in

The latest Foursquare app update has arrived in the Google Play Store and this is one that should be welcomed by those who are often checking in with others. The folks at Foursquare have said this new feature has been their most requested. With that, Foursquare for Android users will now be able to check-in for friends. Thankfully though, this update does involve more than simply being able to check your friend in (or have your friend check you in).

Aviary app update brings updated UI, stickers and other improvements

Aviary has recently updated the Photo Editor app which is now sitting at version 3.0 with a few new features and improvements. The folks at Aviary are calling this a "gigantic" update that is the biggest ever for Android. Basically, this update has brought a redesigned interface as well as some enhancements and some stickers. There is also a new effect pack for those willing and/or able to spend a few bucks.

Google+ update brings cross-device notification sync

Google has announced the latest changes for Google+. The update deals with notifications, however there are also a few other goodies included for those using Google+ on Android. That said, this update should arrive as good news for those who regularly use more than one device.

Angry Birds Star Wars Lando Bird update arrives

Rovio Mobile has offered up the latest Angry Birds Star Wars update. This one has already arrived in the Google Play Store and for those keeping track -- it is indeed the Lando Bird update. This update joins Lando Bird as he betrays Han Solo and joins the Rebellion. Or perhaps a bit more important, this update has arrived with a bunch of new levels as well as a few other goodies.

Evernote for Android update adds Reminders, we go hands-on

Evernote added Reminders to the Mac and iOS apps a short while back and as of today it looks like Android users have gotten that same update. Basically, the Evernote for Android update has added the support for Reminders. More to the point though, that means Android users will have the ability to pin notes to the top of the note list as well as create note based to-dos and alarms.

Falcon Pro v2.0 enters the Play Store as a public beta

Falcon Pro offered a bit of a teaser for the 2.0 update earlier this morning and it looks like you can now download that update. The one catch here, Falcon Pro 2.0 is still available in beta form. Assuming you don't mind playing with a beta release, this is open and available for those wanting to check things out. The Falcon Pro beta is being handled through the Play Store and requires nothing more than a few clicks and a minute or so to update the app on your device.
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