Android App Update

Google Maps offline mapping returns with new ‘make offline’ button

Following a bit of an outcry from users, Google has once again updated Google Maps for Android and this time around they addressed the issue of offline maps. This all came as a result of the Google Maps v7 update that was announced just about a day ago. It seems, while not removing offline maps completely, Google had that functionality hidden a bit and only accessible by typing "OK Maps" into the search bar.

Tumblr for Android update brings search and discovery improvements

The folks at Tumblr have rolled out the latest Android app update. This update has arrived as version 3.4.0 and it currently available in the Google Play Store. This latest update probably isn't what many would consider a game changer in that it does include countless new features, but it does bring some improvements in terms of search and discovery.

Pebble for Android v1.9.1 update brings welcomed fix

The folks at Pebble have recently rolled-out another update for Android users. This latest has arrived as version 1.9.1 and it appears to have been a fix for the previous (v1.9.0) update that arrived a short time back. Pebble for Android v1.9.1 addresses issues that deal with the app looking to guide you through the setup screen multiple times.

VUDU update brings support for select Android smartphones

The VUDU Movies and TV app has recently been updated for Android users and it looks like it has brought support for smartphones. Well, support for select smartphones. There was also mention of unspecified bugs being taken care of. Getting back to the smartphone support and we find a support list that is heaviest on Samsung and HTC devices.

Falcon Pro v2.0.4 update arrives outside the Play Store

Falcon Pro has been one of the more popular Twitter apps. While that statement by itself sounds like something to be happy about, there is another side that brings some issues not only for the developer but for those trying to continue using the app. That issue deals with tokens and the fact that Twitter has a 100,000 limit available for third-party apps.

Soundwave updates adds Spotify and Rdio syncing

The Soundwave app has recently been updated. Those not familiar with the app should know this is a music discovery app. Think social and think discovery by way of sharing and you will start getting the idea. Soundwave hooks up to the music you are listening to on your device and then shares those tracks out with others.

Skype for Android tops the 100m install mark, gets 4.0 redesign

Skype for Android has recently crossed the 100 million user milestone and coming along with that is word of an update. Skype for Android has graduated to version 4.0 along with the new version number comes what is being called a "modern" design that puts conversations first. With that in mind, as you can see from the image sitting below, the design brings a look that may be familiar to Windows Phone users.

Gmail update brings return of the delete button

Google updated the Gmail app earlier in the month and well, that update caused issues for some users. Most notably, Google made some switches in the way things looked and the way you handle messages that didn't go over well with everyone. The two big issues seemed to circle around the sender images and the delete button. Or in this case, the lack of a delete button.
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