Android App Update

Google+ rolling out huge update to its Android app

The Google crew has been rather busy this holiday season, and they are wrapping things up with a nice update to Google+. The update adds all kinds of slick features to its Android application and it definitely a nice little holiday present from the Google+ team. The update is scheduled to hit Google Play later today, and as of this writing, it is still showing the app as last updated on November 14.

Pulse reading app updated with unlimited pages, improved navigation, and more

One of the more popular reader applications, known as Pulse, has just received a huge update that brings it to version 3.0. This update adds some slick new features, some of which are exclusive the Android version of the app. The biggest new feature for the update is addition of unlimited pages. Now, users can add as many sites as they want, which should make using the app a whole lot more enjoyable.

Google Shopper App gets new UI, GoodGuide product ratings, and more

Google Shopper version 3.0 has just hit Google Play, and it brings some pretty awesome new stuff. The first, and most obvious change, is a revamped user interface. Instead of the tradition interface, it features a much more image-centric design with a slide-out menu that mirrors many of Google's other in-house applications. This new layout allows users to see larger images of the products in question, which make the app much more user-friendly.

Evernote gets improved premium features, better note editing, and more

Evernote has just launched a new update for its Android app that brings some pretty slick new features. The first thing being touted by Evernote is a major improvement to the premium offline notebooks feature. This update adds the ability to select multiple notebooks at once, which makes it much quicker to set notebooks for offline access.

PriceGrabber updates Android app

If you are the sort that likes to shop from your phone or uses the phone to compare prices in retail stores to what you can buy for online, PriceGrabber has updated its Android app. The new app update makes the PriceGrabber shopping engine easier to use. The update brings easier browsing and larger product images among other things.

Evernote for Android gets huge update

Users of Evernote know how beneficial it is to save important information, images, just about anything and organizing it for easy retrieval. In today's mobile based society, it was only a matter of time and effort before Evernote produced a mobile app. And it's proven quite useful for users on the Android platform. Now, Evernote has introduced version 3, which offers some serious updates including sharing, improved text editing, a widget redesign, and more.

Android Virus Served up by User MYOURNET

As you're reading this, the threat is essentially over, that is, supposing you didn't download the apps in question before Google shut this whole situation down. As this sort of thing requires action first, details second, we'll begin by saying that all of the apps that were serving Malware were hosted by user MYOURNET and should now be taken down from the Android Marketplace. The full list of these apps can be found below.

Android Market on pace to outgrow iTunes 3-1

According to a recent report by Lookout's App Genome Project, the number of Android Marketplace apps increased by over 125% since August, putting it on pace to outgrow iTunes apps three to one. Apple still commands a sizeable lead in the total number of apps it offers through iTunes versus AM, the gap is narrowing quickly.
"If apps continue to be developed for each platform at this same rate, said Lookout CTO Kevin Mahaffey, "the Android Market will have more apps than the Apple App Store by mid-2012."
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