Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Ematic EGP008 revealed, 8-inch tablet with budget price tag

If you're an Android user but find the 8-inch form factor of the iPad Mini more ideal than the common 7- or 10.1 inch variety of Android tablets, then Ematic might have the device just for you. Introducing the EGP008, a Android tablet that might just be the right size and definitely the right price.

AT&T HTC One VX update finally brings Jelly Bean

In the highly competitive world of mobile devices, new models are churned out like crazy while older ones, even those just a year old, get left by the wayside. This is why there is much happiness, if not surprise, when a manufacturer, not to mention a carrier, releases an update that breathes new life into not-so-new devices. HTC and AT&T probably delivered some of that emotion to users of its HTC One VX when it rolled out a very significant update over the weekend.

Earl Tablet: Solar powered, emergency radio, and ready for the wild outdoors

Today we'd like you to meet Earl. This is the Android tablet you can truly take camping, and it's destined to be your backcountry companion. Google teased taking the Nexus 7 camping last year during a few TV ads, but this new tablet truly will fit in with any survivalist. Or "granola" as I like to call them. This Android tablet does nearly everything, so read on for the entire list of features.

LG readying Jelly Bean for the Optimus 4X HD, L9 and L7 smartphones

LG recently began teasing in advance of Mobile World Congress and while we wait to see what they have planned for the show, it looks like they have also started teasing some current device owners with an update. Specifically, teasing those with an Optimus 4X HD, Optimus L9 and Optimus L7 with Jelly Bean. The details are still at a minimum, however if you happen to be carrying any of those three devices -- an update is in the works.
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