android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Sony ‘Tapioca’ and ‘Nypon’ spyshots leaked

Spyshots of the Sony Tapioca and Nypon have leaked, and each show us a little bit more of what may be shown off at the end of February in Barcelona, Spain during Mobile World Congress 2012. We had recently seen what looked to be the Sony LT22i 'Nypon' a few days back, but now it seems the device shown was a different one altogether. In the previous picture, the mystery device is obviously running Android 4.0, and absent of physical softkeys.

HTC Primo leaks: Android 4.0, Beats Audio, and budget friendly

HTC had a really strong year in 2011 thanks to Android, and they look be starting off great with this new phone for 2012. With an event scheduled for Mobile World Congress 2012 in Spain, and a few leaked devices lately we are expecting some impressive announcements. Today we are hearing some interesting details about an upcoming mid-range phone powered by Ice Cream Sandwich called the HTC Primo.

ICS Tip: Long press icon in Google Apps to learn icon name or function

This is a neat little trick that Google has decided to share with everyone. I actually didn't know this but if you've been wondering what many of the new icons are in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich as they don't have names or labels -- you can just long press the icon and it will tell you the name. According to Google this only works in Google Apps, but the option is there for developers to do the same with their own apps, and some already have.

Google’s latest Nexus commercial shows the beauty of Panorama mode

Google is at it again and have just released their latest commercial of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I for one am glad to see Google finally going big with these types of videos to demonstrate some of the awesome capabilities Android has to offer. Their latest Nexus ad shows the impressive panoramic mode with the camera in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Motorola XOOM update “project” starting soon, could be ICS

Motorola appears to be getting ready to start another update rollout for the original WiFi Motorola XOOM tablet. As usual they are calling this a "project" and are currently looking for a few testers. A few tips and our source mention this could in fact be Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich although it's too early to tell, but they give a few hints.

Apple applies for “Face and Presence Detection” patent — Android laughs

I'm not really sure where to start on this one other than oh wait -- Android already has the feature. It's called "Face Unlock" and is available on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus within Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Just like our friendly source over at Phandroid I don't really want to simply sit here and bash Apple but I can't help but do so a little bit with this latest "innovation" and patent they've applied for.
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