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Europe to get LG Optimus 4X HD in June

If you never really got excited at the prospect of owning the Galaxy S III smartphone from Samsung and have been waiting for a decent alternative to land in Europe, be on the lookout in June. June is the month LG is going to launch the Optimus 4X HD smartphone. The device will land in Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, Italy, and Poland before rolling out to other countries.

Kyocera unveils new Hydro and Rise Android smartphones

Kyocera has announced a pair of new smartphones that are both running Android 4.0 ICS as the operating system. Both of the smartphones are designed to be able to survive the rigors of your daily grind. The Kyocera Hydro is ruggedized and water resistant. The other smartphone is called the Kyocera Rise, which has a slide up screen to reveal a keyboard.

Meizu announces MX Quad-core with Samsung Exynos chipset

Meizu, the often-ridiculed but lately impressive Chinese manufacturer, has pulled the covers off its latest flagship. The Meizu MX Quad-core is an updated version of last year's MX with, you guessed it, a quad-core processor. But the interesting thing isn't that it's coming out - there's plenty of quad-core phones and tablets around - but which company's providing the power. According to Meizu's press release, the phone will be using a Samsung Exynos A9 processor. Could this be the very same quad-core chip that a Samsung executive hinted would show up in the Galaxy S III? We should find out soon enough.

Possible (but unlikely) Nexus Tablet render leaks [UPDATE]

Stop the presses! there's a JPEG floating around in the same vicinity as the words "Nexus" and "Tablet"! Everybody commence hooting and/or hollering! PocketNow has posted a photo of what's purported to be the much-anticipated "Nexus Tablet", rumored for months and expected to come sometime this summer from manufacturer ASUS. The photo shows a generic Ice Cream Sandwich tablet from all angles except the back, with only official ICS anf Google apps displayed on the stock launcher. In addition to the standard buttons and an ASUS/Samsung-style tablet port, there's a MicroUSB port, standard USB port, SIM card slot and what looks like a full-sized SD card slot.

Gingerbread still leads but Android 4.0 jumps to 2.9% of devices

The beginning of the month brings paychecks, bills, and new Android distribution statistics from Google. And while April's stats aren't dramatically better than March's, they do show a steady progression for Ice Cream Sandwich. Thanks to a handful of updates on devices like the HTC Vivid and Galaxy S II, the latest version of Android is now running on 2.9% of devices, up from 1.6% last month. That's about an 80% growth factor - and impressive figure, but still a little disheartening when you think that the open-source software has been available for almost five months.

Motorola XOOM WiFi gets the first official build of Android 4.0.4

As a developer device, the Motorola XOOM has the enviable distinction of getting the latest Android updates as soon as possible. And as a WiFi-only device, those without a Verizon model get it without any carriers mucking up the update process. This being the case, the XOOM is the very first device to get an official update Android 4.0.4. Motorola let XOOM owners know via email that they should be expecting the over-the-air update later today. XOOM owners, you know the drill: head to your Setting>About Tablet menu to see if the update is available yet.

Qualcomm releases Adreno graphic drivers for ICS – let the custom ROMs flow

Good news appeared over the weekend for many HTC smartphone owners, especially the ones with slightly older devices running Qualcomm processors. While Qualcomm hasn't been the friendliest group to modders and the Android Community, they have tried. With all the changes to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich modders have had a hard time building fully operational and smooth ROM's with Android 4.0 ICS. Over the weekend Qualcomm made this entire process much easier for smartphones running their platform.

HTC Vivid Android 4.0 ICS update available now from AT&T — unofficially

It looks like users of the HTC Vivid 4G LTE smartphone over on AT&T may have a tasty frozen treat waiting for them today. Yes this is the official Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update with the new HTC Sense UI 3.6 experience. Sadly AT&T has announced that the update is not, i repeat NOT rolling out, although multiple users have received it and a little trick will get you the update today. No hacking or root required.
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