Android 3.5 Honeycomb

ASUS Transformer Prime may be at your local GameStop this weekend

Of all places, I bet you wouldn't expect to see the highly anticipated ASUS Transformer Prime debuting in your local GameStop this weekend. However, there is a catch - it will be on display and not for sale.This will be a great time to give this tablet a test-drive to make sure it's worth getting for either yourself or as a gift during the holiday season. We can't imagine you'd be disappointed in the least, but it's always best to get a personal hands-on before forking over that much money on anything.

Notion Ink Adam Contest Entrants Denied Promised Discount?

Let's begin this story all the way back on November 6th, 2010. There was a contest regarding the Logo for the system, and the top ten entrants were listed, with a note near the end of the entry saying: "All 43 entries will enjoy a steep discount, so keep an eye on your mail box." Sounds totally awesome, right? Maybe not so awesome if that promise never comes to fruition! It is now right in the midst of shipping pre-orders for this lovely tablet and reports are coming in of no contact being given regarding this matter at all. No discount, no tablet. Take a peek at one such account below.

Acer CEO Speaks on Their Wait for Honeycomb, Google Chrome OS

Just before Thanksgiving there was a blast of announcements about tablets Acer would be releasing, all of them set to be released not upon announcement, like some companies I'm sure you can think of, but in the future when Android's Honeycomb OS is available. Speaking with the fine folks over at Mobilized (by Ina Friend), he let the world know that although they could, right now, release a slew of tablets with Froyo or soon Gingerbread, they've decided to hold back until the tablet-based OS is ready to go. He also noted that "when it comes to productivity," he sees "full-blown" Windows as everyone's best option, noting how their new dual-screen tablet will feature Windows 7.

Lenovo Announces LePad US Launch in 2011, Plus the Founding of a $15m App Investment Fund

Lenovo Chief Executive Yang Yuanqing has reconfirmed the group's plan to launch LePad in the USA and China somewhere inside 2011. CEO Rory Read said the company will be holding off until Honeycomb with the slate, as Honeycomb will be Google's tablet-centric version of the Android OS. Read noted that the current and soon-to-come versions of Android (that being Froyo and Gingerbread) were not “the right base to have a fully functioning pad." The company plans on taking software "into it's own hands," ramping up a $15 million dollar app investment program.

Lenovo: No tablet plans until Android Honeycomb, LePhone China-only for two years

Lenovo has confirmed it has no plans to release an Android tablet until Honeycomb debuts, which could mean waiting until Summer 2011 before a slate from the company goes on sale.  CEO Rory Read told PC Mag "I don't believe 'Froyo' is the right base to have a fully functioning pad," with the company instead waiting for the tablet-centric release Google has promised is in the pipeline. Meanwhile the company's LePhone isn't apparently set for a US debut for another two years, potentially, with Lenovo looking to further grow their smartphone share in China before they consider broader availability. [via Engadget]

Samsung Confirms Android 3.5 Honeycomb For Tablets

Samsung is on a roll here. They announced the Galaxy Tab and along with it, they mentioned Google's Android version 3.5 will be coming for their tablets in the future. During the Q&A session they mentioned that they will have larger tablets coming in the future, that will be based on Android 3.5 Honeycomb, which Google has not even announced yet.