Android 3.1 Honeycomb

Certain Galaxy Tab 10.1 might be getting sold with Unlocked Bootloader?

If you haven't rushed to the nearest Best Buy or Fry's Electronics to get yourself a shiny new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 we might have some news that will make you want one. Just like we told you yesterday the Tab is officially for sale starting today. Now some reports are streaming in that some lucky users that went home and turned their Tab on were greeted with a familiar splash screen we have seen before. It shows as being "unlocked"

Verizon first pulls video, Now saying its the Xoom 4G

Yesterday out of the blue we saw what appeared to be a leaked or released a bit too early promo video for Verizon Wireless that included an unannounced Android 3.1 Honeycomb tablet in the clip. It was quickly picked up by multiple sites and blogs and just as quickly as we all saw it Verizon pulled the clip from YouTube. Once on the net it never is really gone and many people got a few screenshots of this device.

Winner Announced for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 “Unboxing War” Thanks Everyone!

Android wins again! The time has finally come and we are announcing the winner of our Unboxing War: Number One contest. In case you missed it, earlier in May we decided to spice up the unboxing and hands-on video of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 by doing two at the same time and let you -- the readers decide who was best for a chance to win your very own Galaxy Tab 10.1 to enjoy. It was a close battle in the unboxing between Vince and Ben but in the end it was you readers that got to decide who was king.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi Official Info Video Released

We have all heard plenty about the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Tablet that is launching tomorrow. We wrote up a reminder post this morning for all you readers as well. It looks like Samsung is also taking the opportunity today to remind everyone about the amazingly thin, light, and powerful Android 3.1 Honeycomb tablet they are releasing with a nice video showing just about every detail imaginable about the tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi Version Available Nationwide Tomorrow

Get your wallets and or plastic ready because tomorrow the thinnest and lightest Android tablet is being released nationwide. The extremely thin and extremely lightweight Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi version is going to be for sale across multiple sites and retailers everywhere. It will be available at places like Best Buy in-store and online, Fry's Electronics, Amazon, and more. You should all know plenty about this tablet already, it is running on Android 3.1 the latest version of Honeycomb and it is super thin and impressive to say the least.

Olivetti Olipad 110 Tablet with Android 3.1 Honeycomb [pics]

Our friends over at Notebook Italia were lucky enough to get some hands-on and photos of an upcoming Android 3.1 Honeycomb Tablet by Olivetti. The Olivetti Olipad 110 will be a slightly improved version of the Olipad 100 we mentioned here. The original Olipad was very similar to the G-Tablet by Viewsonic in terms of specs and design, as well as ran older versions of Android and had a TapnTap UI over the top. The new Olipad 110 has been working out and is now ready to play with the big boys.

Swype 3.0 Beta Released with Honeycomb Support, we go Hands-on

The guys at Swype have just released the latest version of the popular 3rd party keyboard for Android. Many new features are included with this latest beta (v3.0) and some of those include predictive tap as well as Honeycomb support for you tablet users. The tablet version can even be re-sized as well as moved to left, right or center screen for your convenience. We have all seen or used Swype for our phones so I took a few photos using it on my Honeycomb tablet just to show you all.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wifi Edition Hands-On and Unboxing

Behold! The thinnest and lightest tablet of them all! It's straight outta Samsung and it's got the newest Android system, that being Android 3.1 Honeycomb (as opposed to 3.0, that is,) and it's coming right at cha. Know before we start in here that we've gotten a look at the slightly earlier edition of this tablet in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Google I/O Limited Edition Review, but that this version is more of a "complete" version of the tablet in that it will hopefully be free of blemishes. We'll have our eyes glancing sideways at that while we give this masterpiece of a bit of hardware a full-on look over a full review period. Meanwhile, lets have a look!
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