Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)

IMDb App Updated to Support Honeycomb Tablets and More

IMDb just released another update to the Android Market today and they have added support for Android 3.0+ Honeycomb tablets, as well as a few new improvements such as buying tickets right from your device and more. I powered up the Xoom and gave it a test and it looks great, runs smooth and previews look stellar on the high resolution 10" display on tablets. They make use of the added real-estate on a large screen.

Android 3.2 will Feature Zoom to Fill Screen Option

Android 3.0 Honeycomb has been gaining ground in the tablet market and while it is a great tablet OS and has an amazing multi-task feature among other things, the applications are still not fully there. With more and more tablet apps hitting the market each week the numbers for native tablet apps are still a little low. Recent info suggests Android 3.2 will be hitting the Motorola Xoom soon and it appears that Google is now working on the screen size issue for android applications.

Panasonic Announces its Toughbook, Professional Grade Android Tablet

Panasonic has released many laptops and notebooks in the past bearing the "Toughbook" name but this will be a first for the company. They are going after an area of the market that has yet to be filled, this will not be a thin and pretty tablet but it will be rugged and tough that is for sure. They are calling it a "Enterprise and Business Ready" tablet geared for professional and business users that need to take their tablet out in the wild and with them everywhere in the field.
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