Android 2.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

Motorola Droid HD May be Floating Around According to Flickr

We don't have much as far as details on this but it seems as if Motorola may be bringing a Droid HD our way in the coming months. Some recently revealed photos posted up on Flickr show as being taken with a Motorola Droid HD. To make things even more interesting, all of the photos seem to be geo tagged from inside some of Motorola’s offices in Libertyville, IL,.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Coming this Fall, but with Gingerbread

Our friends at Crunchgear are reporting what sounds like the next Galaxy Tab 7" that will replace the original Samsung Galaxy Tab. We aren't sure exactly what to call it, but with the current lineup I'd assume they'll just call it the Galaxy Tab 7". From what we are reading this may be good news, or bad but it looks like it will basically be a giant Galaxy S II and that isn't really a bad thing if you look at the specs.

Dell Streak 7 has Gingerbread Launcher Buried Under Honeycomb

While Ice Cream Sandwich may be the hero to unite the tablet and phone branches of Android that exist right now, it turns out there may have already been a less elegant fix in place. Owners of the Dell Streak 7 have confirmed that if they change certain what the screen's pixel density is listed as in the build.prop file, they are greeted not by Honeycomb's familiar holo theme, but a giant Gingerbread UI after a reboot.

Android Market changes coming soon, Looks like Honeycomb

As Google I/O keeps rolling along and we keep watching the sessions live, we are getting more and more exciting news as the day goes on. Almost to much to take all in. You can watch it all live here, or just keep checking out for all the latest news. Today they talked about the Android Market a bit, and about the changes we can all expect to see soon. We just saw a brand new Android Market running on a Nexus S that looked strikingly similar to Honeycomb's Android Market, could it be Ice Cream Sandwich or just an updated market app?

Waiting in Line at Google I/O for the First Keynote [UPDATE: We’re in!]

Today at 11AM Central time is the first Google keynote speech, and we're currently waiting in line for the bigtime door opening. There's about ten billion people standing in line here, but I assure you, we'll have the big news first! That is to say, we'll be the first to be analyzing while everyone else is running around screaming because Ice Cream Sandwich is the greatest thing since they created the original tasty treat. Stay tuned and get your fists ready for some heavy pumping and your eyeballs ready for some heavy reading of some bomb dropping!
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