Android 2.2

Samsung Fascinate’s Froyo Leak Available for Download

Just last week the internet was made aware that the Verizon Froyo update for the Samsung Fascinate had been leaked. Even though Kaos would not release it at that time he confirmed its existence. However, now it is available for download for Samsung customers who have waited far too long to be enjoying the updates that came along with Android 2.3 Froyo.

Dell Streak 7 Review by Ben Bajarin

Bajarin strikes again with a review of the brand spanking new Dell Streak 7, a tablet very similar in shape and form to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, running Android 2.2 on a 7" 800×480 Gorilla Glass touch screen display. This is T-Mobile's first 4G tablet, made by Dell obviously, and it's made with landscape mode squarely in mind. Take a closer look with Ben as he does an in-depth look at the tablet that's next on stage.

Notion Ink Customer Service Purposely Stalling Past 7 Day Return Period?

It appears in more than one case today that Notion Ink's General Terms of Return for the Adam Android tablet are coming into the spotlight in a rather unpleasant set of instances. As you know, hardware/software brand Notion Ink recently sent out their first shipment of Android tablets, that being the several different versions of what's called the "Adam." Since shipment, there've been several reports of difficulty in use, mis-information coming to light regarding the glossiness of the screen, blotchiness in the colors on the screen, and now a hardware mis-alignment in the swivel camera at the top of the device. A fellow by the name of Rambler reports today that after reporting to Notion Ink that his device suffered from the last two items from this list of defects, he was treated with what seemed to be a dismissive attitude and a confusing set of instructions, ultimately leading up to his 7 day return period becoming expired.

LG Optimus V Gets Priced, $149 at Virgin Mobile

And just like that we get a price of the upcoming LG Optimus V for Virgin Mobile. The Optimus series, being one of the best entry-level Android series, has sure been a popular array of devices. And with it launching on yet another network, we can expect its market share to keep growing at a steady rate.

LG Optimus Me Images Surface

It looks as if the rumors of LG's hard push back into the cellphone market in 2011 were correct. Another budget phone from the manufacturer has been leaked to the internet, this time coming in many colors.

Google Forcing Manufacturers to Hold Gingerbread Until May to Sell More Nexus S?

We've been handed a tip just now that might ruffle your feathers a bit if you're amongst the thousands of rabid Android fans waiting with your fingers dug into your knees for an update of your phone to Android 2.3 Gingerbread. A source familiar with the matter has told us that Google, our everloving king keeper of the Android, is forcing manufacturers to hold back the update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread on ALL handset models until April or even May so that they can sell more Nexus S.

Galaxy S 4G Officially Announced via T-Mobile

Well here you have it, a press release on the matter. This is the announcement of T-Mobile's Galaxy S 4G, what they say will be the fastest smartphone running on America's Largest 4G Network. It'll have Android 2.2 Froyo, capable of theoretical download speeds of up to 21 Mbps, and it's got a Super AMOLED touchscreen. “And with 4G data plans from $10 per month, we’re making blazing-fast 4G speeds and super smartphone experiences easily accessible to the millions who crave them," says Cole Brodman, chief marketing officer for T-Mobile USA.

Samsung Vibrant 4G Launching on Feb 23?

According to a screen grab seeming captured from... I dunno, out of thin air? T-Mobile News is showing the release date of the Samsung Vibrant 4G to be February 23, 2011. Furthermore it notes that a Samsung T259 "Sienna" will be released on February 9nd, and the Motorola Cliq 2 will be released tomorrow. Who's excited?! People are getting so excited about the Vibrant 4G that they're making up faked photographs of it just for fun.

Additional Pictures of the Samsung Forte Arise

Another set of images of the Samsung Forte have just hit the net. This time we're lucky enough to see what the device looks like closed as well as the back of the phone itself. If rumors are true, the device will feature a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor that will power Android 2.2 with the TouchWiz UI. Around back we see the rumored 5MP camera and what seems to be a MicroSD card slot. We're not sure if this is the same device as the previously leaked R910, but we will find out soon as the device is expected to launch on February 11. [Via SamsungHub]
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