Android 2.2 (Froyo)

Olivetti OliPad 100 Android Tablet Hands-on and Unboxing [Cute Little Italian Number] [VIDEO]

Well would you look at that, a group of fellas over in Italy have their hands on an Olivetti OliPad 100, an 10-inch Android tablet running Android 2.2 Froyo with a slightly unique physical build. This isn't exactly an iPad killer by any stretch of the imagination, but it is interesting to see the different iterations of tablets coming out on this 2011 wave to be sure. This tablet has a 1024 x 600 pixel resolution on it's multi-touch display and a sassy ARM Corex A9 dual-core processor running the engine.

Google Instant Preview comes to Android

Google Instant Previews, the search feature that shows snapshots of web pages along side search results has finally made its way to Android and iPhone handsets. Users of Android must have vs. 2.2 (Froyo) or above, while iPhone users must have iOS 4.0 and above to take advantage of the new search feature. Users don't have to download or update anything at all to use the new feature either. All they need to do is search for a topic and the click on the magnifying glass on the right of the results (note, not the search bar).

Google Nabs more Exploits from the MarketPlace

The latest battle in the war against malicious apps is joined as Google has reported via it's mobile blog that a number of new Android Apps repackaged with malware have been removed. In addition to wiping the apps from the Marketplace, Google is in the process of removing the malicious applications via remote from affected handsets. They've also banned the suspect publishers and are calling in the long arm of the law. According to Google, the malicious applications are taking advantage of a known vulnerability in Android versions 2.1 and below, so users with handsets running Android 2.2 (Froyo) and above aren't affected.

Samsung Galaxy S 4G unlocked at XDA

With the results of JD Power's customer satisfaction survey being most unkind for T-Mobile, Samsung Galaxy S 4G fans may want to try and bring their phone elsewhere. Thanks to XDA developer SanFranX415, users can. All they need is root access, a hex editor, and plenty of patience to find the unlock code buried deep in the Android OS. There's a thread here that will walk users through the process, but it's always important to remember that having to root a phone may cause your warranty to be voided.

Atrix 4G price plummets on Amazon

Amazon is really pushing the Atrix 4G for AT&T, dropping the price another twenty bucks to $129.99 with a 2-year contract through MaBell. The 4G Smartphone, which is powerful enough to double as a laptop with the optional dock, is listed at AT&Ts website for $199 subsidized. So, the online retailer seems to have an inside track on so much Atrix inventory that it can undercut even their own suppliers and still swing a profit? Or, more likely they anticipate high demand for users to want the laptop option but are experiencing some sticker shock on the $500 price, thereby giving them motivation to buy both and stay under $700. More sedentary users can use the optional HD Multimedia Dock for $90 plus free shipping. Great if you love movies.

HTC Desire HD Pops Up in Two 18-second Ads

For those of you rolling hard with the HTC Inspire 4G, you know the glory of the undeniably gigantic screen and smoothness of the case in your hands. Were you aware that there's another phone out there that's essentially exactly the same as yours, with a different name? The HTC Desire HD runs on a different network (Telus,) and has different radio software than the Inspire 4G, but for the most part, save for a few odd issues that have arisen because of the UK/USA bits of insides. What we've got here is a couple of commercials that were released today, both of them for the Desire HD, but work just as well for those looking for some more pazazz in their Inspire 4G video spots.

HTC Merge at FCC, Verizon Branded, Still CDMA World Capable

This is the HTC Merge, a CDMA world phone that's got a lovely slide-out QWERTY keyboard and a healthy dose of Android on board. It's found its way to an FCC review now, carrying with it the Verizon tag meaning that it will be at least one of the carriers allowed to work with the handset in the near future. Another CDMA world phone offered by Verizon is the Blackberry pwning Motorola Droid Pro, a phone we used constantly whilst rolling through Mobile World Congress 2011 due to its global abilities and sweet big face with tiny keyboard below - would we rather be rolling with a big fat flip-out landscape keyboard such as this? You can bet on it.

Sprint Special Event at CTIA Invites Sent Out

Sprint has just sent out some fabulously well-formatted invites to publishers across the board today, us included, for what appears to be an announcement event at this year's CTIA in Orlando Florida. It's approximately time for Sprint to be letting loose another phone (or similar such device) and we're interested to see how much Android is actually floating around inside it. This event will of course be in Orange County along with the rest of the CTIA festivities, so we hope we'll be able to pick a few off the nearby trees for sustenance during the keynote.