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Verizon Wireless officially launches Droid 3

Earlier this morning we spied the Droid 3 on the DroidDoes website and gave up the details on the smartphone along with what the device would cost. Verizon has now gone official with the press release for the Droid 3 and the announcement that the phone is available online and will be in stores on July 14. As we said earlier, the Droid 3 will cost you $199.99 with a new 2-year agreement.

Google Nabs more Exploits from the MarketPlace

The latest battle in the war against malicious apps is joined as Google has reported via it's mobile blog that a number of new Android Apps repackaged with malware have been removed. In addition to wiping the apps from the Marketplace, Google is in the process of removing the malicious applications via remote from affected handsets. They've also banned the suspect publishers and are calling in the long arm of the law. According to Google, the malicious applications are taking advantage of a known vulnerability in Android versions 2.1 and below, so users with handsets running Android 2.2 (Froyo) and above aren't affected.

Motorola Stops Updates to Four Older Devices

All those with Motorola devices on the new list of the abandoned phones list, at least as far as updates to Android. This list includes the Motorola Clique Xt, the Motorola i1, Motorola Flipout, and Motorola Charm. Both the Flipout and the Charm are currently (and will be forever more) at Android 2.1, while the Xt and i1 is and will now forever be on Android 1.5. Owners of these devices are more than likely going to be neither surprised nor emotionally damaged by this decision, especially since this is a basic procedure for a load of brands pushing out Android phones this day and age.

Execute Android Brick

There is a permission inside the Android OS that, when called upon, can brick a phone. Should you fear this permission? No. It is essentially completely disabled in modern versions of Android, and even when it was able to take effect, only system apps were able to use it. Since it did at one time exist, let's talk about it for a moment. One of the uses suggested by a reader of the new Reddit thread on this subject is that the permission might come in handy for users to be able to remotely brick their device should they ever lose it or have it stolen. Another idea is that hardware manufacturers might have control over what happens to the system installed in their devices, any attempts at hacking setting off this permission, bricking the device before the user has even gotten the chance to accidentally brick it his or herself!

Majority of Android Phones Running 2.1 and Higher

Google has updated its distribution totals and revealed to us that 73.8% of various Android OS builds are using some version of Android 2.x. Intriguing to developers, the latest data shows that the largest percentage of Android OS use is with Android 2.1 (40.4%), while the second most used OS is Android 2.2 (33.4%). Unfortunately, there are still 26.1% of Android Market users running on Android 1.6 and 1.5. Google regularly builds these charts to help developers prioritize which OS is the most common and which one their apps should support. Reports back in May showed that the majority of users then used older Android 1.6 compared to the then-current 2.1 OS. However, the pie chart (above) was based on data collected on 14 days of Android Market access, ending on October 1. This new data clearly shows that the shift has been made from the majority of Android OS users previously running on 1.6 and older to now running on 2.1 and later OS versions. Android is improving their OS and rumor has it that they are getting ready to launch another update next week. Are you excited for the new (rumored) launch? [via Electronista]

IHKC X1 Android Phone Onlys Cost 999 Yuan

Recently, IHKC in China announced the X1, an Android device running on the cheap side. It may not be the most attractive Android-based handset out there, but at least it will get the job done. Not that it will blow away the owner because of its feature set, though. For only 999 Yuan, you shouldn't expect much. That way you don't get let down.

Android 2.1 now on half of all Android devices

The latest numbers from Google says that Android 2.1 is now on 50% of phones. These figures are obtained by the number of times a certain device visits the Android Market. Oddly enough, there is no mention of android 2.2 on the chart. It’s possible that they are being represented in the sum of 2.1 handsets.

$88 5-inch Android Tablet? – Video

Yes, it’s that time of day. Only time will tell if this does make it onto the market. This is a 5-inch Android tablet by Acorp. The representative did say it would be available next month.  It does look pretty good though and it should be affordable.

Motorola i1 releasing June 20th

Boost Mobile has officially announced the Motorola i1. This Android powered handset will be available on June 2oth. Boost Mobile is a contract less prepaid wireless company, this will be the first Android handset on such a company.

Bell Introduces the Motorola DEXT

Canadian carrier Bell has just released the Motorola Dext, you may know this device as the Motorola Cliq. Bell had announced in the past that this phone will be due in the first half of this year, they are cutting it real close but it’s finally been released.
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